2020 Goat Rodeo Debate Night Tonight!

The Woman Is In The Lead!

Cheaper By The Dozen, er, 12 Democratic presidential candidates will take the debate stage in Ohio at 8 ET tonight (presented by wretched CNN and the NYTimes, so you know this one will be a shit-show).

And as proof of shit-showedness (is too a word!), I submit into evidence this ad for Manny Sethi, which CNN will be running during the debate in Possom Hollar Tennessee and DC for the Orange audience of one (d’uh!), who has endorsed his opponent Bill Haggerty:

I’m probably not going to watch. Between 12 of ’em on stage and powerhouse panel pundits trying to make DRAMA! CONFLICT! and lead/leding-the-witness questions, I see nothing edifying. Moderators are CNN “personalities” Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, and NYTimes’ National Editor Marc Lacey

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9 Responses to 2020 Goat Rodeo Debate Night Tonight!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    You can’t spell dozen without “doze.”

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  2. Astamari says:

    Though I’ve seen your lede video many times I always chuckles as the last little goat suddenly stops, looks straight into the lens and thinks: “Hey! It’s a camera. I hope I look good.”

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    • tengrain says:

      I like everything about that gif. It is flawless, but the last little goat makes it Art, with a capital A.

      All credit goes to Scissorhead GRS for this goaties gif.




  3. Pyed says:

    I’d like it better if all the supporting players were fainting goats.
    At least that way we would learn which candidate is best in a pickle.


  4. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!
    I have to say that my enthusiasm for the Dem debate has flagged. I am not very interested in Amy Klobuchar’s boasts about working across the aisle or O’Rourke having visited every county in Texas or whatever the heck Steyer will say at these things. I simply don’t care. I’m not even interested in the VP race since it seems the nominee will be white, I guess Harris, Booker, or Castro will be the VP if they’re choosing from this bunch.

    And, let’s not get started on the inane long-winded “questions” that CNN will ask.


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  5. Steve-O says:

    So…. senate candidate d’sousa?


  6. MDavis says:

    I like “leding-the-witness”. Is this your creation? I’ve not seen it before.
    Seriously, asking witnesses the question so as to get a click-bait headline – what better way to name that than “leding-the-witness”? Plus it’s shorter.


  7. MDavis says:

    I got 42 seconds into the vid before I gave up. I got stuck on that immigrants entering illegally, getting benefits thing so I didn’t actually watch the whole 42 seconds.
    We keep forgetting the memo about prospective immigrants doing it legally and getting thrown in jail for it. It’s sort of the flip side of Nixon – “if you get thrown in jail for crossing the border you must be illegal”.


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