Wrong-Again Rudy, International Man of Mystery!

They say that the camera shows your soul.

Comrade Stupid’s teevee lawyer Wrong-Again Rudy was on InfoWars, er, Sean Hannity’s Conspiracy Theory Hour boasting about how China is giving up dirt on the Bidens! But wait, what’s that?

Then at the end of the interview he hints that yet another country is involved in his international conspiracy! I guess it’s a good thing he went into politics instead of safe-cracking.

Rudy is a walking Frommer’s Guide and comically bad pulp crime confessional.

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5 Responses to Wrong-Again Rudy, International Man of Mystery!

  1. “He’s got a little List!”

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  2. Also, remember that the Russians first tried to blame the DNC hack on a Romanian hacker.

    (Remember Guccifer 2.0? He was actually interviewed at the time by somone knowlegable in the black hat community who said he spoke Romanian, badly, in a Russian accent and more critically didn’t understand the language when it was spoken to him; the rest of the conversation ended up being conducted in Russian…Wish I could find the article now, but I’ll note the computer press was on it from the beginning https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/07/clinton-campaign-email-accounts-were-targeted-by-russians-too/ )

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  3. MDavis says:

    Secret Transylvanian Rudy – well, not so secret anymore. And just in time for All Hallow’s Eve.
    This guy is less creepy than Rudy.

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  4. roket says:

    You would think that they would want to keep the list of countries involved in their 2020 Election Interference extravaganze to a minimum, but, nooooo. They just keep adding to the list.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello Roket. They really believe it is not illegal at all or they think it is illegal but they, the family crime mob boss henchmen, can get way with because the dear leader who can not be investigated says they can. Remember a few years ago when Stephen Miller went on TV and yelped that tRump will not be questioned! They have drank the kool aid. Hugs


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