Quid Meets Quo, Goes Pro

The Adventures of Tariffman!


You guys, China really didn’t get the joke that the Republicans claimed Prznint Stupid was making to China!

The Daily Beast tells us…

Michael Pillsbury, an outside adviser to President Donald Trump on China trade policy, told Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night that he pressed the Chinese government on issues surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter…

Pillsbury later told the Financial Times that he actually received “quite a bit of background on Hunter Biden from the Chinese” during his visit to Beijing last week.

The Trump ally, however, quickly backed away from this claim, denying to C-SPAN that he said this to FT. The reporter on that story, meanwhile, shared the email Pillsbury sent him confirming he received intelligence on Biden’s son from China.

Totally no sense of humor, the Chinese!

And so in the meanwhile, it’s another quid pro quo:

Pillsbury, who has become an extremely influential figure in Trump’s hawkish China trade policy, went on to express his disappointment that the Chinese are apparently leaving the latest round of trade talks early, once again noting that the impeachment inquiry has really affected their view of the Trump administration.

So, we note dryly that the Chinese have returned to negotiating Prznint McDeals Trade Wars.

and then:

They gave him sumpin’ he wanted and now he’s giving them sumpin’ they wanted.

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  1. MDavis says:

    More like “the Old Days”? What, like last month? last year? before Mao? When?

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