We Are Lead By Idiots

Just sayin’

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13 Responses to We Are Lead By Idiots

  1. nonnie9999 says:

    When those two enter, the entire IQ of the room drops more quickly than Lindseypoo drops to his knees for Twitler.

    Wanted to say thanks for linking to The Raisin at C&L. It’s really appreciated. ♥

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  2. Idiocracy was so prescient that it makes my spleen hurt.

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  3. purplehead says:

    Led, in this context. Not lead.

    (I’m sorry. I see this all the time on the internets and it drives me nuts.)


  4. Astamari says:

    LOL, I always thought that Mr. Greenjeans was a shady character. But I feel badly for Gym Jordan. Someone stole his suit coat and he’s still looking for it evidently.

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  5. MDavis says:

    This is what happens when your cultural education consists of Sunday School, Veggie Tales and the grifty Ark theme park, all rolled up in a stew of home-schooling.


  6. revzafod says:

    In the late 1960’s in Australia, there was a series called “Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo”. When I visited a friend in Sydney in 2002, we dined at a restaurant on Circular Quay, and my Oz buddy said I must try kangaroo for dinner.

    When the waiter delivered our dinner, he moved my plate in a series of hops, while he said “skip, skip, skip”.


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