Unsaddle That Goat!

2020 Goat Rodeo

And he’s out!

Mayor DeBlasio is out of the 2020 Goat Rodeo. I never even made a category tag for him. Who’d da thunk that the mayor of South Bend would last longer than the mayor of NYC?!

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5 Responses to Unsaddle That Goat!

  1. Who’d da thunk that the mayor of South Bend would last longer than the mayor of NYC?!

    Me! Me! Me, Mistah Kottah Tengrain!

    He was a horrible candidate, with nothing that really made him stand out, other than being taller than everyone else, literally.

    A Mayor of a city like NY will always have trouble gaining traction, because their successes and failures are already larger than life before the media amplifier hit. A couple buses breaking down in South Bend isn’t like the subway breaking down in NY.

    Buttigeig got in early, had his shit together and knew he had to work to convince people, and he’s been doing that all along. De Blasio swanned in late and expected everyone to accept that he was viable because he’s the Fucking Mayor of New Fucking York. (which, BTW has pretty much been the campaign pitch of every Fucking Mayor of New Fucking York who’s run for president. Except Rudy who simply tossed noun-verb-9-11 in a lot more than the others.)

    He’s a nice guy and all, but like all the other third tier candidates who should be running for Senate instead of president, he’s got a job to do and should get back to it.


  2. McDee says:

    Who will pick up his <1%?


  3. Diane says:

    I thought he dropped out a month or so ago. I’m here for the goat pictures.

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  4. Plummet says:

    Gilibrand also dropped out. Now there are 18(?)


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