Comrade Stupid: “Ukraine, I Don’t Even Know Kraine!”

Axios tells us…

The White House has announced President Trump’s itinerary for next week at the UN General Assembly, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is among the world leaders with whom Trump is slated to meet.

Why it matters: Ukraine is reportedly at the center of a whistleblower’s concerns over Trump’s contacts with a foreign leader, the Washington Post and New York Times reported. While little is known about the whistleblower complaint, Trump spoke with Zelensky two weeks before the issue was raised in August. Per the Post, Trump made a “promise” that troubled a member of the intelligence community.

The fix is in, people, and he’s too dumb to realize we all see it in plain daylight. But of course, Pelosi sees NOTHING!

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9 Responses to Comrade Stupid: “Ukraine, I Don’t Even Know Kraine!”

  1. julesmomcat says:

    If Jr. says so, it must be true!

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  2. roket says:

    I have a feeling that someone is going to cry wolf all weekend. Therefore, stay tuned for more incriminating revelations.

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  3. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Pelosi is mired in the idea that after the impeachment of Clinton it hurt the Republicans, which is untrue. Also she is enamored with the fund raising she does and to her that is the greatest thing. The fact is she is doing what the Republicans did with same sex marriage which is that she uses tRump for fund raising and he is a great foil for her to use in mailers. Pelosi doesn’t want to kill the goose that is laying her fundraising golden eggs, no matter how the country is suffering. It is horrible and thankfully some senior Democrats are fighting back. But if she wants to keep the title of master politician and even Speaker she better get out of her bubble and realize the country has moved far from her safe perch. She disregards the raising stars in her own party, she insults and demeans the polices of the highest rated progressives as they gain ground to cling to and try to prop up the old tired corporate 1980’s Democrats who are losing ground. She is not in tune with this time, she is yearning for the past. Democrats, yes even the country, do not want the past they want the future. Hugs

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    • Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

      Yeah, the Treason Party impeached Bill Clinton, failed to remove him, but won the White House back in the next election–BUT–remember Bush Jr. only “won” (by the skin of his teeth) because a Treason Party majority of the Supreme Court awarded him Florida’s electoral votes. That, of course, is another demonstration of why we need to junk the Electoral College.

      The greatest Rethuglican advantage is that they are the party of white supremacy, and many, many, of my fellow white Americans who would never wear their bedsheets, or join a friendly neighborhood lynch mob, still believe just enough in white supremacy that they are open to Rethuglican propaganda. That was the #1 reason St. Ronnie of Hollywood was beatified.

      Those people are the “swing voters”, whom Pelosi fears. I don’t think she fears the Rethugs themselves; I think she fears the stupidity and depravity of the swing voters, and the laziness of the Vote Slackers (the voluntary non-voters).

      Rethug propaganda does not work because of a superior skill at messaging, or because the Rethugs have a bigger metaphorical megaphone. It works because there are too many depraved white folks in this country who agree with it, at least secretly, and also because too many non-depraved white folks do not get off their sorry, lazy asses and vote.

      Though, in a way, the “non-depraved” Vote Slackers are depraved, after all–they have a depraved indifference to what will happen to black people, brown people, LGBTQ people, other minorities, and women of all descriptions, if the fascists make it into power because the Vote Slackers did not drag their own sorry, lazy asses to the polls, hold their noses, and vote for less-than-ideal Democrats to keep the fascists out of office.

      In short, many other people here blame the Democrats; I blame a preponderance of my fellow citizens. It is a great pity that we can’t actually dissolve the electorate, and get a new one. Rise, Brown Tide, rise!

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    • Boris says:

      Agree with both Scottie & Bill.

      However there is another aspect that needs airing: Like Papa Joe (and obviously early senile demented trump), Nancy is also past her expiry date, and it’s beginning to show in her reluctance to stiffen her spine (beyond the occasional bon mot in response to one of the president*’s ceaseless and inadvertent drolleries.) She simply does not have the guts to take Trump on; even 10 years ago she would have charged into an impeachment inquiry. Not so much these days.

      Finally, she needs to stop listening to reporters boosting her ego with their vapid recounting of her “ability to count the votes.”

      I can count the votes, but also understand that as a leader one must on occasion actually lead.

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      • R White says:

        That sadly is an issue that no one wants to talk about but has left a void of real leadership in this country.

        The democrats and to a lesser extent, republicans are both led by septuagenarians and octogenarians who at one time decades ago could be counted on for their measured wisdom, but with the ever-changing technologies and a more culturally, racially and sexually diverse population, neither leadership group have the stamina nor the understanding of what the majority of the electorate deals with. No one can expect them to take issues like global warming seriously b/c they know they will all be taking dirt naps within 15-20 years, if not sooner.

        So, how do you get younger people involved & focused when most see politics as an opportunity for sociopathic grifters to scam the masses? How do we get the worthless beltway media to refocus from chasing tragedies and celebrity gossip to informing the public?

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  4. Astamari says:

    I think it’s moved on because we now know Trump was trying to get Zelensky to defame Hunter Biden to get to Joe Biden, i.e. a rerun of 2016. Aside from being treasonous, it is so totally lame, Yes, it is typical clumsy Trump.

    I’m of the school that says Pelosi and the committee chairs are just going through a kabuki exercise of pretending not f=doing impeachment while doing it slowly so it gets into next year (Knowing the Senate would ever convict). IOW damage Trump continually, drip, drip,drip

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    • Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

      From your keyboard to the screen of the Ascended Madoka.


    • Redhand says:

      That’s a charitable view. You could be correct, but I think Scottie has his finger on the pulse of her thinking. Her silence in response to the latest Ukraine scandal surely pleases Mitch McConnell. It doesn’t please me. She looks ineffectual and weak.

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