Lewandowski in the News

News at 11.

What did we learn From Corey Lewandowski’s testimony yesterday, aside from that the media failed us again?

A) Prznint Stupid pressured Lewandowski to help him obstruct Mueller’s investigation, and 2) that Stupid again has attempted to obstruct Congress’s impeachment investigation, which is itself an impeachable offense.

Lewandowski had a choice: testify about Trump’s criminal behavior, or refuse to testify and bolster the case that Trump should be impeached for obstructing Congress.

About the Media’s failure: the media focused on optics and not on substance, even though this was an impeachment hearing. Here’s a taste:

CNN: Lewandowski hearing was a disaster
CNN: Democrats whiff again as Lewandowski makes a mockery of oversight
Yahoo!: Lewandowski hearing devolves into partisan circus
WaPo: Lewandowski mocks Democrats
The Hill: Lewandowski hearing descends into chaos

It’s all in the Dims in Disarray mode, and it is all shameful.

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15 Responses to Lewandowski in the News

  1. laura says:

    And then CNN invited him on, likely paid serious skrilla for his appearance, and rubbed it in our faces -or the faces of those that watch CNN.
    Good job media!

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    • Astamari says:

      I stopped watching CNN Domestic even in the ’90s. I work a lot overseas and CNN International is a very different network but mainly they have to be if they are going to compete with the Beeb. Even so, many of their anchors and reporters aren’t Americans, which just shows how isolated we are as a culture.

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  2. ming says:

    At least I wont have to listen to Cokie Roberts tell me why this is bad news for Democrats.

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    • paul m fredine says:

      you realize sometimes it’s better to shut up and say nothing, right?

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      • ming says:

        Uncharitable of me? Yes. Am I sorry? No. Cokie Roberts was the epitome of insider beltway reporting. A true villager. Ive spent 20 years yelling at her on the radio and I will not miss her spin on the horse race even a little. She had a good life by any standard, comfort, power, wealth and she lived into her 70’s. Rest in peace by all means, but I’m not very interested in her canonization.

        And no, I never did learn to shut up. Its not an effective strategy when dealing with propaganda. Even subtle propaganda from nice polite Republicans. Feel free to drag me if you wish.

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      • tengrain says:

        Have to drag me too, I’ve hated her work forever. She was the worst kind of hack.



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  3. roket says:

    At least we learned one thing. The only time Corey Lewandowski tells the truth is when he’s under oath. However, after his performance even that is debatable.

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    • julesmomcat says:

      He’s perfected sidestepping into fine art.

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      • Scottie says:

        Hello julesmomcat. It seems to be a class taught to all of the tRump people who are called to testify. They make a mockery of testifying to congress now. It is infuriating to see the disrespect and hostility they display towards the congress people. They seem to think they are completely beyond the reach of congress or the laws, accountable only to the dear leader tRump himself. I wish the courts would move on all the lawsuits and prove them wrong. Hugs


    • Astamari says:

      If Jean Shaheen is smart and the former governor, now Senator is smart, her campaign staff will use Lewandowski’s lying to media admission will be used against him (that said, I think he has no chance in today’s NH).

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  4. R White says:

    Not to be outdone by the worthless beltway media, jack dorsey lurvves him some lewandowski so much so he’s suspending people’s accounts for telling that wife-beating dumba** to f*ck off.

    BTW, twitter is an online sewer that should fade away like MySpace did…

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    • Astamari says:

      I think you might want to widen the circle of people you evidently follow on Twitter. Yes, Twitter has a lot of issues but a lot of institutions, companies, organizations use it to communicate upcoming events, to post useful articles and to exchange perfectly acceptable opinions, cat videos, etc. Twitter does not consist entirely of raving lunatics no matter what some people think. Just sayin’.


  5. donnah says:

    Lewandowski is the kind of guy you want to punch right in the throat. He’s obnoxious, smug, insulting and rude, confident that he’ll be taken care of by Trump via pardon if necessary. I would pay good money to see him taken down in public.

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  6. YellowDog says:

    Lewandowski looks like he should be holding a paddle, “hazing” pledges, at Omega House (like that sneaky shit Neidermeyer). We are about at the point of a really stupid and futile gesture. I hope it is not these hearings.

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  7. Lsamsa says:

    House Counsel Barry Berke s/b the up front questioner in these inquiries…did in 30 minutes what needed to be done all day. Guess the mtm didn’t think it ratings worthy.
    Whole thing on C-Span.

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