Everything Old Is New Again

Our gun is bigger, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Today we turn our gimlet eye to international affairs. So what happened? the MIT morning email thingie tells us:

“An attack by 10 drones caused fires at a major oil processing facility and a nearby oil field in Saudi Arabia, as seen in this NASA satellite image above.

“Direct hit: The drone attack on Saturday targeted Abqaiq, the world’s biggest  oil processing facility, and the Khuaru oil field, which produces around one million barrels of crude oil a day. Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil firm, said that around half of Saudi Arabia’s daily oil production had been suspended, the WSJ reported. In a tweet on Sunday, President Trump threatened he was prepared to take military action in response.

“The technology: Houthi rebels in Yemen (who swiftly claimed responsibility) have used drones to hit a Saudi missile battery as well as other oil fields this year. The drones are packed with explosives and flown at speed into their targets. Earlier attacks used hobbyist drones with a limited range, but later attacks have used more sophisticated models with an estimated range in excess of 900 miles, the UN reported in January.

“The fall-out: The fact that the Houthis now have the ability to carry out such attacks is changing the face of the Yemen war, which started in 2014. Drone attacks are extremely disruptive, but are cheap to carry out and incredibly hard to stop.”

As regular readers (all good Scissorheads) know, Mock, Paper, Scissors stays away from international politics as much as we can, it is not our wheelhouse, there are too many variables, and your host is not a 3-dimensional chess player. As shallow as I am, I’m barely 2-D as it is!

But today we are forced into the gap, because The Chosen One has chosen to make us (as Driftglass said to me on Twitter) the Hessians in this scenario:


The thing is, he is of course talking about Iran, not about Yemin. And why is that? John ‘Bomb ’em-All’ Bolton was You’re Fired’ed before this happened!

Oh, that’s right. Mike ‘Onward Xristian Soldier’ Pompeo is a Book of Exodus enthusiast, waiting to write The Rapture fanfic. And suddenly, we are in the MPS wheelhouse of Prznint Stupid and Y’all Qaeda’s hard-on for the end of the world.

Iran replied to the 4th Reich that it was ready for “full-fledged” war. (Reuters)

Now, of course, Prznint Stupid could open up talks with Iran, find some pretext to return to Obama’s deal, and ease these tensions. The trouble is that 1) He is NEVER Wrong, and B) WEAK!

Told ya.

Of course, it is a lie:

“Now the president has made clear, he is happy to take a meeting with no preconditions, but we are maintaining the maximum pressure campaign,” Mnuchin said, just days after Iran said it had fired up centrifuges to boost its enriched uranium stockpiles.

  • Prznint Stupid in June to NBC’s Chuck Todd: “No pre-conditions.” NBC
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on Tuesday: “He is prepared to meet with no preconditions.”

So… where does this leave us? No one seems to know. Like Chimpy before him, it seems likely that we will be lied into the wrong war with the wrong enemy in time for an election that looked lost. Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to Everything Old Is New Again

  1. roket says:

    Let us hope that he sticks with the title ‘Chosen One’ and doesn’t decide to go with ‘War President’. Image uber alles don’t ya know.

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  2. T_Reg says:

    “There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!” Waiting to hear from the Kingdom. Because the Saudis have all the votes in the U.S., actual voters need not apply. Let’s start WWIII, because the Saudis want it!

    In any case, we don’t want people to see that a broken, destitute country can strike back – successfully – against one of the richest nations in the world. Musta been them eebil Iranians. Of course, even if the Iranians had supplied Yemen with drones, how would that be different from the U.S. supplying Saudi Arabia with its weapons of war?

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  3. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. When we first went to war with Iraq, Bush Sr had world support. The second time with Bush Jr we had lukewarm world support, mostly from long time allies. tRump and his crew have broken, poisoned , and demeaned those world connections with what were allies. So with most of the world backing the very treaty the US pulled out of that started this mess we will find it hard to get any backing or support for attacking Iran. Plus there is the religious aspect entangling both the US evangelicals and Israel. Lyndsey Graham said the other day we needed to bomb Iran in to a regime change. It is pure stupidity and foolishness to think if we hurt the countries systems enough the people will rise up against the Mullahs. Instead the leaders will use it to inflame national pride and the people will back them for anything they want to do for a counter strike. Insanity will reign supreme if we do any military action against Iran, and the US will suffer greatly for it. Hugs

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    I find the timing suspicious. Bolton has just been fired and Trump has been hinting at signing on with Macron’s plan to extend credit to Iran in return for getting back into compliance with the nuclear agreement. It’s not impossible that this could have led to a US-Iran reconciliation — Trump has cozied up to regimes a lot nastier than Iran’s — and there are quite a few parties who would not want that to happen. I don’t believe the Saudi regime would bomb their own assets, but if the technology to do this was within the reach of dirt-poor rebels like the Houthis, it’s within reach of plenty of others too. The fact is, we don’t know who the hell was responsible.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Here he is, with the world’s largest intelligence network, comprised of 17 different agencies, one of which I’m SURE knows who is responsible and how this attack was carried out, and he plans on waiting for Prince Bone-saw to release the source and give him the go-ahead? We all know how loath he is to listen to his intelligence experts, but I think this goes a little beyond that – if he comes out looking like a winner, then of course he’ll expect 99% of the credit, but if it turns out like almost everything else he touches – the reverse King Midas – then he has a fallback position, and someone else to lay the blame on.

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  6. angry spittle says:

    For Gawd’s sake do not believe a damned word that they tell us.

    All wars start with lies. Truth is the first casualty of war.

    Remember, if a government official’s lips are moving on the issue of war, they are lying.

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  7. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I’m sure the population will be glad to know that Trump just nominated the Crown Prince of the nation that backed the 9/11 attacks as commander-in-chief.

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  8. Bruce388 says:

    We’ve been pretty lucky that we haven’t had any major crises under FatNixon’s reign of error. Until now.


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