RIP, Eddie Money

Eddie Money was 70, the cause of death was cancer.

If you grew up in the SF Bay Area as I did, Eddie Money was always sort of playing in the background, a solid performer and a pop powerhouse, discovered in Berkeley by Bill Graham. I’m sure I saw him live several times before he broke big, probably at the Keystone.

Rollingstone has an excellent bit up on his career and life.

He will be missed

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4 Responses to RIP, Eddie Money

  1. donnah says:

    Cool guy Eddie Mahoney! He was a Brooklyn cop for a couple of years before leaving to pursue music. I always thought his raspy rock and roll voice was just perfect for his music. And I’m sorry that cancer took him.

    RIP, Eddie.


  2. My favorite Eddie Money bit was when he performed at the Bammies, (Bay Area Music Awards) and had to follow the Dead Kennedys, who were doing an inspired cover of the Knack. Eddie could be seen singing along in the wings to the dulcet refrain of “Is my cock big enough, is my brain small enough, for you to make me a star?”
    A gentleman and a mensch with a good sense of humor. Happy trails, Eddie.


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    He was always up there in the Top Ten in all of MY mixtapes.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I always thought of him as a real ‘journeyman’ rocker, he played simple rock-and-or-roll, the sort of good background music for a kegger. The story of how he coaxed Ronnie Spector back from her exile from the music industry by her abusive, powerful husband is amazing:

    In a 2015 interview, Money recalled that when he contacted Ronettes frontwoman Ronnie Spector to suggest that she reprise the line “Be my little baby” and her signature “oh-oh-oh-oh” from the original, “I could hear clinking and clanking in the background.” Spector explained she was doing the dishes, then told him, “I’m not really in the business anymore, Eddie.”

    One ticket to paradise, sir!

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