Where are they now?

Former Speaker and noted Zombie-eyed Granny-starver Paul Ryan is joining the American Enterprise Institute as a “distinguished visiting fellow in the practice of public policy,” says Tiger Beat on the Potomac’s morning email thingie.

So I guess ZEGS is the object-lesson of what NOT to do?

He is a member of the board of the Fox Corporation and recently moved back to Washington after spending time with his family in WI, and decided that those $650 bottles of wine taste best in the Swamp?

(The AEI tries to claim that they are a non-partisan think tank.)

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7 Responses to Where are they now?

  1. R White says:

    The worthless beltway media lurves ole blue eyes regardless of him not being able to add, subtract, lie convincingly etc. Expect him to give his hot take about how the morally bankrupt republican party can ‘rebrand’ itself again on the sunday mouse circuit once fat nixon is expelled from DC and never mentioned by name again.

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  2. donnah says:

    It always comes down to the size of the grift. Where they can make the most cash, legally or otherwise is where they’ll end up.

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  3. RWW says:

    Wingnut welfare isn’t a safety net; it’s a hammock.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    No doubt those $650 bottles of wine taste better when you’re not dealing with those sub-zero Wisconsin winters.

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  5. Kent R Fossgreen says:

    How long do you figure he’ll have to practice public policy before starts to get it right? (Hint: never gonna happen.)

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  6. julesmomcat says:

    Janes-burg is a helluva lot better off, without him.


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