Trump Crime Family: The Next Generation

Trump Crime Family: The Next Generation

You might be looking at the next American Political Dynasty, according to The Chosen One and King od the Jews’ 2020 Goat Rodeo Campaign Manager, Brad Pascale:

“President Trump may be the only member of his family to win major elected office, but his campaign manager for the 2020 re-election effort is already envisioning a family political dynasty that will outlast his time in the White House. The comments by Brad Parscale, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, on Saturday were instantly scrutinized for clues as to whether the president’s children, some of whom have been seen by friends and supporters as potential candidates for office, were planning their own political futures.

“Mr. Parscale made the remarks at a California Republican convention in Indian Wells, in a speech that touched on the party and the presidency. ‘The Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades,’ Mr. Parscale said. Asked to explain what that meant, he told reporters in California that he views the Trump family as people with ‘amazing capabilities.’

“‘I think you see that from Don Jr. I think you see that from Ivanka. You see it from Jared. You see it from all,’ he said, referring to the president’s eldest son, eldest daughter and son-in-law.”

Who knew one could run for elected office from inside da joint?

But I digress.

Since the start of the 4th Reich, Comrade Trump has been declaring that the First Shady, Ivanka, will be the first woman prsznint, and allegedly Jar-Jarvanka have debated which of the two of them would run for the prznintcy first.

Speculation is that Junior Mints also has his eyes on the prize, and that is why he does the warm-up act for the Big Tuna, er, Kahuna before the Burn-The-Reichstag, er, KKK marches, er, rallies in Possum Hollar. We note that he has a book coming out soon, and it allegedly contains words.

Eric Trump Joins a Biker Gang!

Li’l Buddy is content with his fidget spinner and outside interests.

A couch in Trenton is missing its upholstery

Tiffany is looking for a new upholsterer.

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9 Responses to Trump Crime Family: The Next Generation

  1. donnah says:

    I’d rather picture that group in orange jumpsuits and metal bracelets.


  2. YellowDog says:

    If Fredo has a book coming out, will he read it before publication? Do they allow him to have sharpened crayons? He could put his eye out.


  3. R White says:

    princess sparkle p*ssy is already laying the groundwork in ‘bama with a visit to continue to give the worthless beltway media and voters the foolish notion that she cares about working women or knows what real work is like.

    Win over the hearts of the mouth-breathers there since some think she’s royalty and the rest of the dilapidated third-world sh*thole south will follow…

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  4. tomshefchik says:

    I might have believed their propaganda minister Parscales if he had said, “I think you see that from none of them. The fake president is not qualified for public office, nor is Don Jr. I think you see that from Ivanka. You see it from Jared. You see it from all,’ he said, referring to the president’s eldest son, eldest daughter and son-in-law.”

    But as propaganda just laughable. And Parscales is not qualified to wash cars. So his opinions are worthless.

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  5. roket says:

    He’s talking about New York City politics, right?


  6. angryspittle says:

    trump dynasty? How about just die nasty.


  7. HarpoSnarx says:

    Sorry Americans don’t like first ladies whose lips are bigger than their heads.

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