Eric Trump: ‘Journalism – How do it work?’

All that glitters…

Eric, as we know, is the VP of the Trump Organization with his smaller big brother in charge, spends most of his days with his fidget spinner, but now and again takes a break to comment on the news of the day, as best he can.

Like father, like son: it all begins with a tweet:

Now, what Eric might not know about journalism (or anything else for that matter) is that contacting sources is part of the job description; making a story up without sources is frowned upon, and legitimately would be called Fake Newz. A reporter asks sources what they know, cross checks it with what others know, verifies it and lo! A story is born!

Also what Eric doesn’t know: that he just expanded WaPo reporter David Fahrenthold’s request for sources, probably exponentially. No paternity test needed: he’s a chip off the ol’ blockhead.

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5 Responses to Eric Trump: ‘Journalism – How do it work?’

  1. “Dumb as a butterfly and hung like a bee,
    my hands punch my dick repeatedly”

    You gotta wonder why the Trump Org has actually stayed in business all these years…

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  2. Happy Atheist says:

    Eric pulls his pud with glee with all the attention his Twitter receives


  3. Pyed says:

    What a photograph! At this very minute I’m checking my thesaurus for antonyms to fit the lyrics to “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”


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