Tortilla Curtain Update

Li’l Buddy Eric Trump designed this part of the wall?

The 4th Reich is trying to divert money from military projects to build a wall on the southern border. Our Grifter-in-Chief appointed Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense, basically because he said he’d be A-OK with funding the wall from his budget, and asked if he got the job after giving Hair Füror’s shoes a loving spit shine. (Ha-ha!  we’re totally guessing, but are we really?!)

Judge Trevor McFadden has lifted the ban from using those DOD funds and thus the Pentagon has released $3.6B Ameros from 127 military construction projects to build the Tortilla Curtain.

I think that brings us up-to-date on the state-of-play.

Politico tells us:

“Defense Secretary Mark Esper informed congressional leaders on Tuesday of the cash grab from a total of 127 military projects. Roughly half the money will come from funds previously dedicated to upgrading military bases abroad and the other half in the United States.

[Ed. Note: I believe a LOT of that money was to prevent future Benghazi’s from happening. Next embassy that is attacked is again on YOUR tab. Well-played, Republicans! –TG]

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Esper told him some of the money will come from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in his home state of New York.

“‘It is a slap in the face to the members of the Armed Forces who serve our country that President Trump is willing to cannibalize already allocated military funding to boost his own ego and for a wall he promised Mexico would pay to build,’ Schumer said in a statement.”

Tiger Beat’s morning email thingie gets a reaction from Nancy Smash:

— WHAT SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI said about it, on a private call with Democratic lawmakers Tuesday night: “My view of it is that stealing money from military construction, at home and abroad, will undermine our national security, quality of life and morale of our troops, and that indeed makes America less safe. …

“The president is negating the Congress’ most fundamental principles — the Constitution’s most fundamental principle — the separation of powers. By assaulting the Constitution’s power, our power of the purse, and he’s undermining the oath of office he takes to protect and defend the Constitution and the American people. That’s what I told [Esper].”

The CNN article includes this detail:

Defense Department officials say 127 military construction projects are being put on hold in order to use the $3.6 billion to fund building 175 miles of southern border wall.

Construction is expected to begin in about 135 days in areas where the federal government already owns the land along the border, including the Department of Defense’s Barry M. Goldwater test range in Arizona, according to Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller Elaine McCusker.

…which I believe [counts on fingers and toes] puts the construction to begin in campaign season. What a coinkydink! But I interrupted. Do continue.

Defense officials said Tuesday that members of Congress whose states or districts will be impacted by the decision are being informed about the list of projects and once that process is completed the public will be told. US allies are also being informed about the impact to overseas facilities.

In other words, the Representatives who won’t be bringing home the pork. That’s not gonna sit well.

As I write this, Mexico has so far shelled-out [checks notes] $0 Ameros.

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7 Responses to Tortilla Curtain Update

  1. donnah says:

    I’ve always heard that members of our military are usually Republican supporters. I wonder how they’ll feel about having their project funding pilfered for Trump’s useless vanity project? Maybe they ought to rethink their loyalty.

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  2. Henry B Zeff says:

    As big or at least closer to home, our nitwit in chief appropriated money from FEMA to his slush fund, er Wall. And here we are in Hurricane Season. We seemed to have partly lucked out on this latest Dorian, but look at all his cousins, forming to the South! Eventually, we are going to need that FEMA money back and it’s going to already be in Donny’s pocket.
    The Country is literally going to the dogs, but damn that little man sure is making a bundle. This
    “presidency” thingy is likely the most lucrative thing Donny smallhands ever got his grubby’s into. Remember he bankrupted Casinos, they almost mint money.
    I was just imagining an accounting of all the money that Donny has directly made from the government. Not counting stock manipulations, and kickbacks.

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  3. Defense officials said Tuesday that members of Congress whose states or districts will be impacted by the decision are being informed about the list of projects and once that process is completed the public will be told.

    I wonder just how many of these totally chosen at random projects will just coinkidinkily be in Blue states?

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  4. MDavis says:

    Does this rise to the level of impeachment now?

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    • R White says:

      One would need to ask Nancy’s donors on wall st. If they aren’t feeling any financial pain, she will more than likely have one of her aides write another sternly worded letter to a vulgar fool who can’t read. FFS

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  5. roket says:

    And just like that Donnie has more options. He can cry wolf or wait till the next mass shooting.

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