Guns Over People Party

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Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us:

“Following Saturday’s shootings in West Texas, President Donald Trump on Sunday remained firm that his “administration is committed to working with Congress to stop the menace of mass attacks” but did not include universal background checks as part of the solution this time.

“Trump largely attributed the shootings to mental health issues and said the mass attacks have “been going on for a long time” and that he wants to reduce them.”

“…as long as it doesn’t stop the sweet, sweet flow of the NRA’s Ameros to Republicans,” he did not bray. “Thoughts and Prayers!,” he didn’t remember to blurt out.

He’s been all over the map (as usual) since the start of August when the slaughter in El Paso Texas. But when has the dolt every been linear, and besides WHAT’S IN IT FOR HIM!!?!

Texas Gov. Guns, er, Abbott issued a statement that hit all the paid-for by NRA shilling points , but we are reminded of his previous stance:

It’s also worth noting that  new gun laws Gov. Abbott signed went into effect in Texas on Sunday, just hours after a shooting left seven people dead in the western part of the state. He forgot to mention that, silly man.

Ayatollah Ted weighed in with prayers (but not thoughts because he has none):

And Texas Sen. Cornyn didn’t offer thoughts or prayers:

And the press, as usual, is failing us with Both Sides BS:

So we are back to where we usually are: the Republicans who essentially have veto power over everything are A-Okay with their constituents being gunned down where’ere they go. It’s the price of second-amendment freedom that you might be randomly shot and killed along with masses of strangers for no good reason except you were in the right place at the wrong time.

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5 Responses to Guns Over People Party

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. The wealthy and the law makers really don’t think this affects them because they live in protected communities, their kids go to protected schools, they have staff to shop for them. Add to that the wealthy have private security and the law makers have both local police and government agencies to protect them. So why risk the NRA money when it is only the serfs who are getting shot? This won’t change until they feel the same fears as the rest of us. Then it will change fast. Hugs

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  2. Steve-O says:

    It’s almost as if thoughts and prayers don’t actually DO ANYTHING about gun violence…. weird.

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    • purplehead says:

      I saw a suggestion in a comment thread (erk…can’t remember which blog) to write out a check to any Repulbican’s reëlection campaign— let’s say MoscowMitch— in the amount of “Thoughts and Prayers.” I would add “and zero sense.”


  3. lani mulholland says:

    I like Guns Our Party. You are right. This is the world they prefer to live in. I also like to call the GOP Grease Our Palms. And my new name for POTUS is IOTUS (idiot). Ready for my palate to be cleansed. thanks for your blog. Will share as soon as I am able.

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  4. roket says:

    You would think that an alleged Christian would know that thoughts and prayers do not absolve you of your sins and that indulgences eome at a price. Weird that.


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