And S/He Was Never Laid Again

So true!

I think about 5 of you sent this in, but the first instance is from Scissorhead Bruce388.

Sunday marks the exciting conclusion of Tattoo Week, so get your entries in!

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6 Responses to And S/He Was Never Laid Again

  1. Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

    Prayers only glove you when they’re strainin’…


  2. julesmomcat says:

    Why…oh, WHY does ignorance always seem attracted to ink?

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Stevie Nicks has a lot to answer for!


  4. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    There’s gotta be some way to get an “on-site” proof of your tat before it’s turned into a permanent part of your complexion.

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  5. donnah says:

    That’s one more pimply butt I never needed to see, nevermind the idiotic tat!


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