Follow the Ameros!

This is a bombshell of a report, if it can be verified:

That’s the kompromat right there, if true. It’s always about money.

(Hat tip: Crooks and Liars, who have the longer clip and transcript)

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  1. donnah says:

    Yes, damaging indeed. But our bulletproof president, even if found to have connections with Putin’s friends via loans, will manage to evade punishment. He is probably not named specifically in the loans, which is a loophole his lawyers have used before to get him off the hook. And the bank will stubbornly hang onto the info as long as possible, drawing out the process.

    I hope I’m wrong. I hope the legal system can actually work and move ahead with this information. But I’m doubtful of “sure things” after the Mueller Report and others. It may just have to be one more straw that gets piled on the camel’s back. And hopefully there’s one that will break it.

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    • The Mueller report was a ‘sure thing’. It very clearly laid out the case for obstruction and clearly stated that foreign adversaries interfered with our elections in 2016 and continue to do so.

      The abject cowardice of the House leadership, blatant corruption of the DOJ and open treason by the Senate leadership prevented any action, not the Mueller report.

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  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Where there’s smoke there fire, but this is not smoke it is engulfed in flames.

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  3. roket says:

    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. Russian involvement at Deutsche Bank? And just how many of these coconspirators cosigners were members of the Russian mob? Hint: All of them.

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  4. sleeve98 says:

    Digby retracted Sullivan’s post about this story, on account o’ the Prznint’s lawyer. She was fittingly dripping with sarcasm about it, but Tom’s post (which I read but didn’t curate), is gone. She even asserts (and cites) that O’Donnell is backpedalling.

    But here’s the thing: Digby’s been chronicling the misadventures of the dubiously-installed President for years, and characterized his behavior in the harshest possible terms without resorting to wholesale profanity – which I find really hard to do. Come to think of it, so has O’Donnell, so has ‘Graini hisownself. And Comrade President didn’t give a crap.

    I’m telling you, this is the right button to push. He knows goddam well the “Fake News” card won’t help him if there are receipts, and that’s when the lawyers come out. All along we’ve known that this is the chink in the dragon’s scaling; it’s why he lashed out this time with more than just his rancid tweet hole, but the most important thing this tells me is that they’re already operating as if he’s a defendant.


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  6. MDavis says:

    Huh – video no longer available, copyright claim by NBC Universal.


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