Follow the Ameros, Part Deux!

Follow the Ameros!

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us that Deutche Bank pretty much says that it has Comrade Trump’s tax returns:

“Lawyers for Deutsche Bank all but confirmed on Tuesday that the German lender possesses some of President Donald Trump’s tax returns and those of his family members.

“The financial giant was responding to an order from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, demanding information about whether Deutsche Bank and Capital One possess any of Trump’s tax returns subpoenaed by the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees earlier this year.”

Now, those of us who have ever applied for a small loan from any financial institution knows that they are not in the habit of just handing over the loot without having some assurance that you can pay them back; prove to us that you can earn the money to repay, what do you have of value that can be put up as collateral (Baseball Card Collection! uh…), etc. Sometimes, you need a co-signer who promises to back you up if you fail. Trusting, in other words, they are not.

Of course, Deutsche Bank is not just any bank, and Comrade Trump is not just any chump (Fact Check: he’s king of the deadbeat chumps). Deutsche Bank does not want to come out and admit that they have his finances, because privacy is one of the many banking services they offer. Their shady clients are probably watching closely because, well, they have secrets too.

“In its filing on Tuesday, lawyers for Deutsche Bank redacted the names of the individuals for whom it possesses the requested tax returns, citing laws that prohibit the disclosure of such information. But the subpoena to the bank specifically requests Trump’s financial information and tax returns, including those of his adult children and the Trump Organization. Deutsche Bank gave Trump loans totaling hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of his career — a big reason why the German bank has been targeted by Democrats seeking to uncover the president’s finances.”

Of course Deutsche Bank has his taxes! Why would they admit that they have Junior Mints/The First Shady/Li’l Buddy’s tax returns, but not the Mango-Hued Shitgibbon’s when he’s the one that they’ve loaned hundreds of millions of Ameros?

So here’s the thing: Jerry Nadler is going to get his hands on Trump’s Taxes one way or the other: 1) subpoenaing Deutsche Bank or B) suing the Treasury Department for Trump’s federal returns, under a 1924 law allowing the heads of congressional tax committees to examine anyone’s tax information.

“Trump filed a lawsuit in his personal capacity to prevent the two congressional committees — which are investigating potential financial improprieties by the president — from obtaining his financial information from the two banks. A federal District Court judge in Manhattan upheld the subpoenas, but Trump’s attorneys immediately filed an appeal.”

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  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. I worry about the time frame. Most of this is stalling on the part of tRump hoping it can be delayed until after the election. I do think there’s evidence of criminal activity there but if he gets a second term laws will mean nothing to the wealthy and connected. So this needs to move fast through the courts and not be decided by tRump loyal appointees who put his needs about the law.

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