The Adventures of Tariffman Continues! (Part Infinity)


As you may recall, before departing for the G7 Summit, Tariffman retaliated against China by upping the ante on existing tariffs on Chinese imports, and called Chinese premier Xi Jinping his enemy. And there was that other nutty stuff about hereby ordering US companies to leave China.

Upon arrival in France, White House Press Secretary and serial drunk driver Stephanie Grisham  insisted that Tariffman only regretted not retaliating more.

Yesterday, after other G7 leaders urged Tariffman to end his failed trade war, he claimed Chinese officials called him to restart trade talks.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang,

When the press asked Tariffman for clarification following the blanket denial from China, he said, “I don’t want to talk about calls. We have had calls at the highest level, but I don’t want to talk about that. The vice chairman put out a statement last night that was a statement and saying that he wants to make a deal and he wants calm.”

Sounds legit.

It’s one thing for Prznint Stupid to lie about his wealth, golf games and whatnot, but it is another thing for him to lie about what a foreign adversary said to him.



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9 Responses to The Adventures of Tariffman Continues! (Part Infinity)

  1. ming says:

    He lies about everything and always has. So basically it’s just another day ending in y.

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  2. Plausible, but stupid (and therefore, likely true) reason Trump seems to have manufactured a call out of nothing is having looked back at Friday’s stock market saga and realized things could have fallen yet further without a little hope. So stocks yesterday may have risen in part due to a fib Trump made to make things look better, when if he is having to lie to save face, welp. Things are probably worse.


  3. roket says:

    “I don’t want to talk about calls. I want to talk about this beautiful letter in my pocket I got from Chairman Xi. [Waves blank piece of paper in the air.] I won’t tell you what’s in it until Xi gives me the OK, but let me tell you no other president in the entire universe has ever made a deal like this. Believer me.” Comrade President Stupid did not say. Yawns.


  4. donnah says:

    Anyone attempting to promote this summit as a triumph for Trump is deliberately a moron. Trump lied every time he opened his mouth, as usual. He claimed the fake phone calls from the Chinese Ministry, he lied about being an environmentalist, he lied about why he didn’t attend the discussion about environmental concerns. He said he had a meeting with two other world leaders at the time of the meeting, but the twomleaders he mentioned actually attended the meeting.

    Also, watching clips of him speaking to the press was embarrassing. He’s all over the map and sounds like an idiot.

    We gotta get this guy out.


  5. He lied about the climate meeting at the G7; said he was in bilateral talks with Angela Merkel and Naredra Modi.

    This is the G7 climate meeting.

    That’s Modi sitting next to Merkel. The epty seat? That was reserved for our empty suit of a “president”.

    Damn my lying eyes!


  6. tomshefchik says:

    He spoke to them the same way as Melania speaks to Kim Jong Un. Lies and more lies.


  7. R White says:

    At this point, why does fat nixon even bother going to such meetings when he has shown everyone he doesn’t have interest in anything that doesn’t make him and his shitty “brand” money? None of the other world leaders want him there and they all find themselves making concessions for the vulgar oaf when he manages to show up late, lie and complain about the norms of diplomacy. The world should fully understand by now that ‘murica is not a world leader anymore and needs to be isolated. FFS

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  8. Pyed says:

    Don’t forget, coming next year, the 2020 G7 Emoluments Summit.

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  9. Ed Martin says:

    Was it only useful in the 7 years before 2016, or can those who complain about the president still be called racist?


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