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Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie alerts us (emphasis mine):

“The Justice Department announced Friday it is canceling its internal news clippings service following backlash from a briefing that linked to a white nationalist website.

“The Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review sent immigration court employees a link to a post by VDare — which promotes white nationalist and anti-Semitic viewpoints — earlier this week as part of a daily news briefing. The link drew backlash from court employees and was first reported by BuzzFeed.”

This is just another one of those odd coinky-dinks that seem to follow our Imperial Wizard-in-Chief.

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4 Responses to Breaking News!

  1. w3ski4me says:

    I’d normally say “when you lie with dogs you wake up with fleas”, but in this case, it’s closer to “when you live in a swamp you will get leaches”

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  2. This ain’t exactly new, either.

    And no, it wasn’t some rogue contractor who they had NO IDEA!!! about.

    A former senior DOJ official said that the email in question was “generated by a third-party vendor that utilizes keyword searches to produce news clippings for staff. It is not reviewed or approved by staff before it is transmitted.”

    “That’s absolutely incorrect,” said TechMIS CEO Steven Mains, adding that EOIR was the most specific and particular of the company’s clients. The agency’s staff would review its work “down to misspellings” if there was anything wrong before sending, he said.

    I want to know what they considered “far left”, too.

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  3. roket says:

    Only a dictator would kill a messenger.


  4. donnah says:

    More crack reporting!


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