Axios Shocks The Villagers: ‘Both Sides Don’t’

Putin Rides Again
(credit: The Art of Buddy McCue via Scissorhead B-4)

Axios morning email thingie is absolutely chilling:

The U.S. — despite mountains of evidence about Russia’s interference in the last election, and the likelihood of a repeat in 2020 — is no better prepared to defend itself now than it was three years ago, Axios Future editor Steve LeVine writes.

  • When it comes to its rivals and enemies, Moscow’s objective often is to create chaos, incapacitating the other power’s threat to Russia’s aims.
  • To get there, the weapon of choice is usually the exploitation of existing divisions in the other society.

That’s where the U.S. made itself a sitting duck in 2016.

  • And Americans are once again playing into Russia’s hands: Politically, socially and culturally, we suspect each other’s motives and plain sanity.

What’s happening: President Trump and Republican leaders at the federal and state levels have stifled efforts to combat a redux of the Russian campaign.

  • With defenses down, Trump appears especially prepared to stoke raw political, societal and social emotions.
  • “If Putin is going to throw the match of chaos, he needs kindling,” says Richard Fontaine, CEO at the Center for a New American Security.

The Both Sides Don’t might be a bit hidden, let me emphasize this: President Trump and Republican leaders at the federal and state levels have stifled efforts to combat a redux of the Russian campaign.

I’m actually kind of shocked that Axios—a creature born and bred inside the Beltway—would say this so clearly and without even a slight attempt to come up with a false equivalence.

Is our Media learning?

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6 Responses to Axios Shocks The Villagers: ‘Both Sides Don’t’

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. We can only hope. However corporate media is the enemy of truthful reporting because the revenue depends on not pissing anyone off. The money comes from advertisers and as we have seen they like things nice, smooth, and calm, so that is how the news reports it. When the media gets too close to the truth it makes the bean counters nervous. Nothing bad that is not bad on both parties keeps both sides paying them. Hugs


    • tengrain says:

      Scottie –

      I don’t think that reporters, per se, are held captive to the interests of advertisers, but I do think that they are held captive by their bosses, who are captive to the CEOs.

      Trust me on this, they do not even have to be told which way the wind blows, they know. Most of the major media is owned by a corporation with a megalomaniac CEO, and I will bet you that those CEOs are all Republicans.



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    • Abu Scooter says:

      Scottie, you’re positively correct, but as (apparently) one of the bigger sports fans among the regular readers here, I’d like to make a couple of extensions.

      1) Here’s an nice illustration of how both-siderism doesn’t just affect straight news coverage. In 2017, ESPN launched a named two (very, very well established) African Americans, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith, as hosts of its (very, very well established) early-evening sports-news show,SportsCenter. SC6, as it was relabeled worked great for a few months. That fall, however, at the height of Hair Füror’s assault on NFL players, Hill issued a series of tweets criticizing Dolt .45, which drew the ire of (among others) our old buddy Elmira Gantry. After Hill then lambasted Dallas Cowboys owner for supporting the preznit*, the network suspended her before pushing her out of ESPN altogether in January 2018.

      Michael Smith, for what it’s worth, left SC6 two months later (although he’s still at ESPN). These days, that show is co-hosted by the centrist Sage Steele—and I’m not using “centrist” as a positive adjective.

      2) It’s recently gotten worse, because the spirit of “not pissing anyone off” has now moved beyond news and sports desks to the stands of pro sports. Major League Soccer venues have, in the last few weeks, been removing fans in Atlanta and Portland for showing anti-fascist signs so that TV audiences could see them. At the same time, however, I keep hearing about how Proud Boys keep flashing their own gang signs at Yankee Stadium, without interference from New York City FC.

      I used to brush off the military jingoism that takes place before NFL games, but this is the last straw.

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  2. donnah says:

    And with Moscow Mitch blocking any legislation that would safeguard against interference, we’re also hamstrung.

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  3. Is our media learning?

    Maybe, JUST maybe it’s slowly dawning on them that this is the path that leads to journalists finding themselves inexplicably beating themselves bloody about the head and shoulders and then accidentally stumbling out of a 20th story closed window.

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    • julesmomcat says:

      Yeah – the 1st Amendment applies to everyone except journalists, a truth they learn the hard way.


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