More Trouble For White Power Hour With Tucker!

The NYTimes tells us that Black Studies Scholar Tucker Carlson is in some familiar trouble:

“The Monday episode of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ the host’s first since he left the airwaves for what Fox News said was a planned vacation two days after making the remarks on white supremacy, had fewer commercials than usual.

“There were spots for turmeric drink mixes, ear wash systems and cup-holder mounts for smartphones, as well as ads for Dyson, Raymour & Flanigan and USAA, but none for products from SoFi, Calm or SteinMart. Those companies advertised on the program earlier this summer but said in statements in recent days that their commercials would not appear during Mr. Carlson’s nightly hour.

“A Monday night episode from one year ago, the broadcast of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Aug. 20, 2018, had 16 minutes of ads, with 38 commercials that aired across the nation, according to, the television ads measurement company. The Monday night episode this week, by contrast, had 13.5 minutes of commercials, with 23 nationally aired spots. Eight of the 23 were promotions for other Fox properties.”

Depending on how the deal is structured between Fox and the production company that makes Tucker’s show, this could go south really fast if the boycott continues to work.

The ad sales and ratings are related. If ratings drop, then they will sell ads for less money. If the ratings stay high, but no advertiser wants to be associated with White Nationalism, then they will sell the ad time for less money to skanky operations, put up more Fox promotions, PSAs, etc., too. And on a less popular, lower-rated show, advertisers might try to negotiate for a better deal citing the low prices on Tucker’s White Power Hour. It cascades.

Fox might be idealogically to the Right, but they are a for-profit corporation first and foremost. They won’t put up with damage for long. Also remember that Rupert turned the bidness operations over to favored son Libertarian Lachlan, and so money talks.

This is what happened with Bill-O, History’s Greatest Reporter.


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  1. Someone ought to point out to USAA that a yuuuge proportion of their clientele is, ahhh, unacceptably non-compliant with Fucker Tarlson’s Rules of Skin Color. Just sayin’


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