Just sayin’

That is so ’70s stylized, it made me think that they had exhumed Roger Moore.

Also the golden gun? I wonder.

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  1. Astamari says:

    I miss Roger Moore. He was my favorite Bond because he knew how to send it up so well.


  2. E.A. Blair says:

    I thought Moore turned Bond into a buffoon (especially with the clown suit he wore in Octopussy) – I thought his best outing was The Spy Who Loved Me and the screenwriters didn’t help. Pierce Brosnan was born to play Bond, to me the best since the original. Both Lazenby and Dalton were stand-ins who just couldn’t get Bond’s cavalier attitude — which is a shame, because the three movies those two starred in were some of the best written JB scripts ever. Craig is a standout, but his version of Bond, post reboot, is a completely different take.

    My favorite bond meme has Craig as Bond walking along with the Queen, and he’s saying, “…and about Donald Trump, Ma’am?” Her reply: “Make it look like an accident, 007.”


    • I agree with you regarding Brosnan; it would have been interesting to see how the series went had NBC let him out of “Remington Steele” to do Bond when he was first offered the role, which was the Dalton era films.

      There’s a decent documentary out there about the Bond films, “Everything or Nothing” : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2366308/ They got every Bond but Connery talking about what it was like to ‘be’ him…on and off screen.


    • tengrain says:

      The Bond closest to the character Ian Flemming wrote was without a doubt Timothy Dalton. The original character was just border-line sane and could snap at any second. Dalton did that better than any of the others.

      The teaser above with those chunky graphics is right out of that era. Put Craig in flared pants and that could be from any of the ’70s Moore-era teasers. It is more about the graphics than Bond.




      • YellowDog says:

        Fleming’s model for Bond’s appearance was Hoagy Carmichael (in his younger days). None of the Bonds have that exact look. But I think Connery and Craig are closest to the thuggish quality you would expect from an agent with a “license to kill.” Fleming envisioned Bond as a “blunt instrument.” Moore, Lazenby, and Brosnan look more like male models (true in the case of Lazenby) and don’t convey that sense of imminent violence. You are right about Dalton insofar as Bond’s sanity. As Bond, he has that half-smile that makes him look like a psycho killer.


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