Simpletons Should Not Have Guns: Hair Füror

I Hope This Is Comrade Trump’s Official Portrait

We like checking the record now and then to see how politicians have evolved over time, or more likely devolved. Today’s example is of course our own Stable Dead-eyed Dick.

Donald Trump Speaks to Reporters in Morristown, New Jersey – August 15, 2019

“I support strong, meaningful background checks, where people that should not have guns, people that are insane, people that are mentally ill, people that are bad, bad people — like this guy in Philadelphia, who has been arrested numerous times; he’s a bad guy — where people like that would not have guns.”

Tiger Beat (thanks Charlie!) email thingie today:

QUESTION: “But you’re not willing to support universal background checks right now?”

TRUMP: “I’m not saying anything. I’m saying Congress is going to be reporting back to me with ideas. And they’ll come in from Democrats and Republicans. And I’ll look at it very strongly. But just remember, we already have a lot of background checks. OK? Thank you.”

So, someone got to him, I wonder-wonder who?

In related news, The Business Insider reports that Prznint Stupid says that his eldest son, elephant-hunting dimwit Junior Mints, is his “gun expert,”  boldly braying that “he knows more about guns than anyone I know.” Clearly, Stupid knows no one.

Junior Mints is infamous for his hunting trips with his equally dimwitted brother, L’il Buddy Trump, and posing for snuff pictures with the corpses of magnificent creatures he’s killed, often times holding a severed body part because these boys are nothing if not confident in their small-fingered masculinity.

Anyway, per the story, Junior Mints has raised concerns about both red-flag legislation (you know, not allowing the mentally weak to own guns is personal to him) and about tightening background checks according to people familiar with the matter: Junior Mints no doubt.

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5 Responses to Simpletons Should Not Have Guns: Hair Füror

  1. roket says:

    “I’m not saying anything. I’m going to let Mitch kill it in the Senate,” Comrade Prznint Stupid did not have to say.

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  2. I notice that the Federal Precrime Unit has been busy. I’m with Judge Flatt [Nobody’s Fool, 1994]: “… you know my feelings about arming morons: you arm one, you’ve got to arm them all, otherwise it wouldn’t be good sport.”
    To paraphrase (and as any combat vet can tell you), they’re not REALLY commandments; they’re more like guidelines.

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  3. retiredeng says:

    “Congress will be reporting back to me…” — Congress is not your employees, dumb ass!

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  4. MDavis says:

    Guy in Philadelphia? Who’s that? Wait, is something different about him?
    Is it this guy? With six wounded, no one killed (and he survived?!?)

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