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Erik Rush’s Theme Song?

This is what we are up against, Scissorheads (Fair Warning: It’s World Nut Daily!):

Civil war is preferable to a Democratic president

It’s written by “the OTHER Rush” – Erik Rush (and that’s how he bills himself). Let’s explore!

“It would be difficult to argue that the political environment in America has notgrown significantly more toxic and hostile over the last several years. I pointed out in my column of two weeks ago that the political left cites the culture of the Trump administration for the recent deterioration in race relations. Similarly, the left blames the culture of the Trump administration for this dramatic downturn in civility. Again (as I detailed in the earlier column), this decline actually began during the Obama administration and represents the left’s reaction to the popular rejection of socialist policies by the electorate.”

Shorter Rush: “Not our stable Imperial Wizard-in-Chief’s fault: it’s the Kenyan Usurper’s fault.

“The Orwellian propaganda (which “1984” author Orwell derived from the Third Reich and Soviet Union as the model for the government in his novel) emanating from the left is at an all-time high. “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” the phrase frequently attributed to the Nazi propaganda minister JoseF Goebbels, has evidently become the left’s standard operating procedure.”

The cineplex is looking for a good projectionist Rush. You should apply! You’re a natural!

“Due to our nation’s history and our collective sensibilities, a racist is one of the worst things a person can be in America. It follows that baseless charges of racism are among the worst calumnies one can level against another. Despite this, those on the left are dispensing such charges against President Trump and his supporters with a dizzying vigor, along with allegations of their proclivity toward homophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, Nazism, fascism and so forth. Leftist mouthpieces are instructing their followers to “destroy” Trump supporters, and the instance of left-on-right violence has far outpaced that of the reverse.”

Um, I keep saying it: Avowed racists see Trump as one of them, so he’s doing a good job, Rush. And as for your second claim that the Left is committing MORE acts of violence against the Right than the right… well, look at just about any of the mass shooters. Heck, look at the El Paso shooter who not only echoed our Imperial Wizard-in-Chief, but he admits that he set out to kill some on the invading Mexicans. You wanna talk about who is more dangerous? Really?

After the El Paso massacre, House GOP leaders provided their members with talking points encouraging them to downplay the threat of white nationalism and blame mass shootings on the left. I guess Rush got the memo!

Now back to invective language:

“Apart from acknowledging that the Democratic Party was indeed the party of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, whatever the party once was, it is clear that the party now represents America’s garbage. I will qualify these as the maladjusted, indolent, emotionally stultified, covetous misfits who believe that others owe them an existence, immigrants who come here not to assimilate and contribute, but to drain our resources and contribute to crime, civil unrest and social decline, and deviants who wish to subvert our moral fabric to accommodate their proclivities.”

Nice mouth there. You kiss your momma with that?

“The power brokers on the left already know that their divisive rhetoric has the potential to set Americans at each others’ throats; this is why they are dispensing it so freely and why they have mobilized the above fringe groups like never before.”

Look we could go on ‘graph after ‘graph, but what would be the point when he negates his own arguments as he goes. Maybe instead of declaring war on his fellow Americans, Erik Rush should declare a war on logic and reasoning. He won’t win that one, either, but it seems to be more of his enemy than we are.

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  1. w3ski4me says:

    You gotta love these guys. “Divisive rhetoric on the left” they call it. The left is not the party saying “go back where you came from” and what is more divisive than that?
    They have the self-awareness of cooked squash.

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  2. roket says:

    I suspect mass quantities of thesaurus usage.

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