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Hair Füror has successfully pressured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bar Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) from entering Israel. As The NYTimes put it, “Mr. Trump’s decision to recommend that another country block entry to two United States citizens, let alone members of Congress, was one of the most pronounced violations of democratic norms that he has engaged in since taking office in January 2017.”


“Axios’ Jonathan Swan and I reported this weekend that Trump was unhappy with Netanyahu’s decision to allow Omar and Tlaib into the country, telling his advisers that Israel should bar the congresswomen. On Thursday, he tweeted that it would show “great weakness” if Israel allowed them in, claiming that the lawmakers “hate Israel and all Jewish people.”

[Ed – here’s a link to the Tweet. –TG]

“Yesterday, I reported that Israel was concerned Omar and Tlaib would try to visit Jerusalem’s Temple Mount — the most important holy site for Jews and third-most important for Muslims around the world — with Palestinian officials.

  • Netanyahu had cited his respect for Congress in his decision several weeks ago to allow Omar and Tlaib to enter. In addition, Tlaib has family in the West Bank and is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants.
  • The pair of congresswomen were expected to arrive in Israel on Friday.

Later in the day, our Imperial Wizard-in-Chief twattered:

…which I guess is a victory lap of sorts.

You don’t have to be Kreskin (or ever Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III) to see the unbridled racism and anti-Americanism of this administration that it would recommend to another nation to not admit two elected officials, as if they were criminals or terrorists. If Comrade Trump thinks that they are unfit to travel to other countries, then I’m surprised that he has not pulled their passports or arrested them for the crime of not being his sycophants.

The prion disease is spreading:

I’m completely outraged, and I don’t think anything like this has ever happened before.

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11 Responses to News That Will Drive You to Drink

  1. it would recommend to another nation to not admit two elected officials, as if they were criminals or terrorists.

    It’s pretty obvious that this Administration does think they’re criminals or terrorists.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Cheeto boy says “he thinks with his gut”. He must have woke up constipated, again.
    And what the heck got into Ms. Lindsey? They want to “Destroy Israel” isn’t that slander?

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  3. roket says:

    So let it be written. So let it be done. Supporting Israel is now a bonafide conservative ideology. Israel before country.

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  4. Redhand says:

    Graham says Omar, Tlaib should face “consequences” for trying to “destroy” Israel

    Yes, it is an outrage, but I’m obliged to state that there’s no bigger political prostitute in the Senate than Graham. He takes craven sycophancy to an entirely new depth.

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  5. Lsamsa says:

    Keep going Rep. Ted Lieu…I like how you’re spotlighting this crap.
    As for Lindsey…seems you had an empty shell to fill to fit your needs, We shall see where that goes…but just remember, it is still just an empty shell after all.

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  6. MDavis says:

    The irony of Netanyahu going along with this plan is really over the top. The Prime Minister seems to have a flexible view of his country’s history.

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  7. robginchicago says:

    While I strongly disagree with the positions of Omar and Tlaib on Israel (I strongly agree with them on most of the other issues on which they espouse), blocking their admission to the Nation of Israel as part of a Congressional delegation (even if the purpose of Omar’s and Tlaib’s visit was to speak against Israel and to meet with PA leadership) shows fear and weakness on the part of Israel, and is one of the stupidest moves that could be made at this time by Netanyahu. I’d always given him credit for being a sharp politician and an expert at navigating the U.S. political landscape, but blocking these two Congresswomen gives them a platform for their grievances, and lends undeserved credibility to their misguided causes, while also showing that Netanyahu is simply Trump’s obedient fearful puppy, and his collar is being cinched very tightly. These Congresswomen hold a minority view among Democrats, and this really dumb POLITICAL move allows these two “back-bench” Congresswomen and their BDS loving supporters to play the “victim card,” and gives their viewpoints undeserved increased credibility among the left-of-center political sphere in the United States, while also providing talking points to those who accuse Israel of being undemocratic. This is the kind of dumb move I’d expect from Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, not Netanyahu and Israel.

    World leaders have to understand that if they climb into bed with Trump, sooner or later, he’s going to treat them like his whore.

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    • “is one of the stupidest moves that could be made at this time by Netanyahu. ”

      No, quite honestly, it isn’t. The only thing Netanyahu needs to fear at the moment, politically, is an attack from his right, and the Israeli hard right pretty much wants to exterminate those pesky Palestinians. They’re already trying to remove Israeli citizenship from anyone who is not Jewish (or worse, ‘sufficiently Jewish’, meaning, of course, anyone who disagrees with them.)

      Israel is much farther along the path to the kind of toxic, oppressive theocracy that American Conservatives so devoutly wish for the US.


  8. julesmomcat says:

    This is just another surreptitious, underhanded move toward dictatorship, by Suckface, wherein HE controls every facet of this government, democracy be damned! I wouldn’t put it past him to order the military to surround Congress, imprison all legislators and the judiciary, and burn the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Bye-bye, Democracy!


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  10. Buttermilk Sky says:

    I don’t like Boris Johnson or his policies. Does that mean I’m trying to destroy the UK? Maybe Senator Prettymouth can supply a list of countries that are above criticism. I suspect it will be short.

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