So Much Winning!

Our Stable Genius

Business Insider reports we just achieved the single biggest one-month deficit in history. We’re #1!

The budget deficit for February was $234 billion, topping the previous high of $231.7 billion from 2012.

The deficit has been driven higher by the Billions for Billionaires Bill, and you better believe the Republicans are planning  to cut social services. It’s all part of the plan to trickle on us.

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4 Responses to So Much Winning!

  1. The moment a Democrat gets power again they’ll be howling to the heavens about how “turrible turrible the evil wicked deficit is!” and the lapdog press and hack economists will go right along, stroking their chins and mentioning Greece and Zimbabwe.

    It’s all part of the endless Overton ratchet to the right.

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    • Diane says:

      They’re howling now. Moscow Mitch is bitching about the deficit and how the oldsters are ripping off bazillions of dollars for SS and Medicare.


  2. Pyed says:

    They are no longer letting poverty trickle down. Now, they are outright taking a whiz on us!


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