Local Stalker Sends Creepy Mash Notes To Neighbor

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It’s long been reported that Prznint Stupid sends people strange things in the mail.

Graydon Carter of SPY magazine fame (“short-fingered Vulgarian” was his originally)—for instance—said that he would regularly get random mail from Trump of a picture of Trump’s hands, circled in Sharpie with a note about how his fingers were not so short.

So we at MPS were not surprised to learn that our media-obsessed Stable Genius has continued his stalking-by-mail now that he is Prznint.

“President Trump has sent highly unusual, Sharpie-written notes to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at least twice, Axios has learned.

“One missive was so odd, the Canadian ambassador double-checked with the White House to be sure it wasn’t a prank. In at least one instance, Trudeau also wrote to Trump. The exchange of handwritten notes, never before reported, was confirmed by several sources with firsthand knowledge.”

Um. I hate to ask, but…

The diplomatic missives include:

  • A torn-out Bloomberg Businessweek cover featuring a portrait of Justin Trudeau.
  • A back-and-forth about U.S.-Canada trade figures that culminated in Trudeau sending Trump a printout of the website of the Office of the United States Trade Representative with a smiley face beside the U.S. government figure showing America has a trade surplus with Canada (contrary to Trump’s claims).

OK, phew, so it was not individual words torn out of magazines and pasted together demanding ransom or the little girl gets it, but still!

“The May 1–7, 2017, issue of Bloomberg Businessweek — featuring a picture of Trudeau headlined “The Anti-Trump” — caught President Trump’s attention, according to 4 sources with direct knowledge. Trump tore the cover off the magazine and wrote on it, in silver Sharpie, something to the effect of “Looking good! Hope it’s not true!” according to these sources.”

Jeebus! That’s like sending a Poloroid of the kid to the parents with a note like, “Your child is pretty.”

But you know, he gets love letters from North Korea’s Dictator, so maybe his mash-note diplomacy is working out for himself? They are gonna go on another date!

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4 Responses to Local Stalker Sends Creepy Mash Notes To Neighbor

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  2. Lsamsa says:

    Wonder if Justin used a gold Sharpie for his happy face response…just for you Donnie!

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  3. Pyed says:

    They truly are each other’s opposite. Trudeau sent an image about a contested fact which proved himself correct, while the Hair Furor sent an empty threat.


  4. roket says:

    There will make excellent exhibits at the Trump Corner Mart/Library.


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