(UPDATED) Jeffrey Epstein’s Dead Man’s Switch Just Activated

Jeffrey Epstein just successfully committed suicide.

He was a monster.

UPDATE 1: It’s happening!

Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim’s recruitment at Mar-a-Lago

[Turning off comments on this post because we’re getting slammed by Q-Anon commenters who want to own the Libs. This must have gotten reposted on Facebook and/or other dark conspiracy-type sites –TG]

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25 Responses to (UPDATED) Jeffrey Epstein’s Dead Man’s Switch Just Activated

  1. Talk about rich white man privilege.


  2. This is a sadly predictable outcome, coming across as justice denied for his victims, coconspiritors and the public. Will his degenerative parts now be frozen, or just fed to hyenas?


  3. robginchicago says:

    That was a mighty convenient “suicide”! A lot of rich and powerful perverts will sleep a lot easier tonight. Let’s see if investigations continue or are stopped in their tracks.


    • tengrain says:

      Rob – I disagree.

      I think this is when the sweat really starts to flow now on his assorted “clients” — whatever privacy and self-incriminating evidence can be entered into evidence: all the photographs, all the ledgers, all the documentation that he clearly kept will be found and made public.

      Who knows what his last directives will contain and what his lawyers are instructed to do upon his death? The location of the Swiss Bank safe deposit box(es), passwords, etc., and I’m betting oodles of Quatloos that we have not heard the last of this story yet.

      Epstein had something over a lot of powerful men that kept him safe for a long time, and it is about to be exposed.



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      • Ellis Weiner says:

        From your keyboard to God’s eyes. Still, it’s not entirely nuts to think Epstein didn’t fall, and was pushed. As Charlie Pierce is saying: Is Ghislaine Maxwell now looking over her shoulder?

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      • Ten Bears says:

        Let’s not discount a guy with an airplane, an island, ton’s of money and tons more dirt on some of the most powerful people in the world. Unlike our lynching of Kaddafi and Hussein, We the People never saw binLaden’s body, only reports of it having been dumped into the ocean. We never saw Ken Lay, only reports of his convenient demise.

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      • Astamari says:

        The other unknown is whether Low Barr Bill will vet those 2,000 pages of evidence to make sure the rich and powerful are not inconvenienced because that’s how he rolls.


  4. Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

    I wonder if there should be quotation marks around “committed suicide”, da, Keptin?


  5. Pyed says:

    Ah! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and Jeffrey Epstein is suiciding in his watched cell. All is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.


  6. w3ski4me says:

    Suicide, while under suicide watch, in a private cell. A most interesting concept. I had personally thought he’d get a polonium cocktail. Still, will there be a trial now, or will it all go away? I can imagine the latter being the case. Have you noticed that the news about the Epstein’s business pretty well dropped off when Comrade Cheeto became a vocal racist as if on cue? Down the black hole of yesterday’s news. I fear we have all been led around in a circle, again. This went all the way to the Brits and farther after all. Way out of Cheetolini’s paygrade.
    Don’t expect to hear much more about this.
    Just a saying

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  7. The End is Coming says:

    Funny how badly even the rich and powerful can screw up when they’re in full panic mode. A diagnosed psychopath like Epstein was obviously going to have a plan for just this kind of thing. It would have been far more prudent to wait for him to go off of suicide watch, and maybe wait until closer to the trial date, before killing him off. These elites are already going after each others’ throats even though nothing from the documents have been revealed yet. They’ll probably destroy each other before the contents are even made public, and it’s going to be a bloodbath worthy of history books.

    “He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now…” John 2:9


  8. E.A. Blair says:

    Maybe now it’s time to say “Trump had him killed” and get some payback for thirty years of conspiracy theories about Democratic politicians.

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  9. Dennis Cole says:

    While I don’t know any of the details of exactly how he accomplished a successful suicide while on a “full-time” suicide watch, it reminds me of a story about a reporter in the Deep South who was reviewing some death records due to the boredom of a slow news day. He noticed that one death notice that involved a young black man who had died of multiple gunshots to various parts of his cranium and torso, but it was listed as a “suicide.” The reporter called the Coroner to inquire about the cause of death, and the reply somewhat astounded him: “Worst case of suicide I’ve ever seen in my long career,” was all the Coroner would say.

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    • Diane says:

      That’s one heck of an interesting comment. What does worst case of suicide mean? He beat himself before he strangled to death? He stabbed himself? He used his own hands around his throat to die?


      • Diane says:

        I’ve been up too long. Thought this was in reference to Epstein. It’s so nuts out there, I’d believe anything now.


      • Dennis Cole says:

        And now I’m reading newz stories that Mr. Epstein was taken OFF suicide watch just yesterday, and was on “normal” watch, whatever that is. And you can definitely be excused for being too tired to notice all the fine details.

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  10. I’m placing all my Quatloos on that he did it himself. His gig was up, the kids were talking, no lawyer could save his pathetic ass from a permanent stay in prison.
    If it were the kids being “suicided” then maybe I’d think different -but those kids are the ones that are giving up details.


    • Bruce388 says:

      Real suicide is a possibility. The prison where Epstein was held is supposed to be among the worst — roaches, rodents, barely edible food. If he was thinking this is his future, he may not have wanted that future.


  11. Dennis Cole says:

    From my vantage point, all I can see about how this benefits anyone is that it prevents him from giving personal testimony at the upcoming trials, so the prosecutors can’t ask him if the evidence they have has been doctored or manipulated in any fashion. Unless! The defense can always use this as a valid excuse to postpone any hearings or outright trials that were soon to occur, and to keep postponing, using the “Well, we can’t exactly confer with our client on this, your Honor; we need more time to thoroughly evaluate the evidence and work up a defense.”

    Then again he may have begged a guard or someone else with close access to kill him, and make it look at least sorta like a suicide.


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