Moscow Mitch Decries Partisan Theatrics

Moscow Mitch
(H/T Raw Story via Skinny Dennis)

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie shows us some turtle-paced movement on gun regulations:

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL said in a statement on Monday that Republicans in the Senate are “prepared to do our part” to “work in a bipartisan, bicameral way to address the recent mass murders which have shaken our nation.”

MORE MCCONNELL: “Only serious, bipartisan, bicameral efforts will enable us to continue this important work and produce further legislation that can pass the Senate, pass the House, and earn the president’s signature. Partisan theatrics and campaign-trail rhetoric will only take us farther away from the progress all Americans deserve.”


Moscow Mitch’s official campaign sent out this picture over the weekend AFTER THE SHOOTINGS:

Gravestones, bullets, or butt plugs? You Decide!

In case you cannot read the bullet-shaped tombstones/buttplugs they include epithats for Merrick Garland, Alison Lundergan Grimes, Amy McGrath.

Other bullets include socialism and the Green New Deal.

It’s not just poor taste, but could be considered a call to violence. Amply be-chinned Moscow Mitch might find himself getting some attention from the weak brained who decide to Second Amendment his living enemies.

Don’t say it couldn’t happen, the Kentucky Junior Varsity Incel Squad is already on attacking his enemies:

The guy who puts political enemies on tombstones has some eff’ing nerve to talk about partisan theatrics.

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22 Responses to Moscow Mitch Decries Partisan Theatrics

  1. Diane says:

    I don’t know what to say at this point. I just don’t know what to say. All of this is abhorrent. All of it. And this is what the RWNJs think is normal. Those kids who need their asses kicked, are the future. I can only hope that a couple of them will turn out to be decent and compassionate humans. I have my doubts. All young women should remember the faces of these young men. They may be their rapists in the future.

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    • Redhand says:

      Is it too scandalous to suggest that we may need to re-educate an entire generation in the basics of civil democratic society and law after Trump? These shitasses look like American Hitler Youth to me.

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  2. HarpoSnarx says:

    Future Covington plaintiff snowflakes

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    • MDavis says:

      OMG, Townhall (dot) com is awful, and their lawyer is either an idiot (possible) or just a fkn liar (more likely).
      I googled “Covington plaintiff” and started reading their article about where a lawsuit would probably go – is that the young jerks who got up in the protesters 89 year old face and just smirked at him? And then got upset because people told him that was gross, rude and insulting of him to do that? Anyway…
      So I got as far as the First Amendment protects free speech “… even if institutions run exclusively by liberals (such as academia) don’t” Eww! So I scrolled on down to make a fruitless comment about confusing “liberals” with “institutions” who have a stake in their reputation so they put some controls on the speech of their employees. But no comment section to be found. Instead, there is a subscription sign-up thingy, but you have to vote yes/no on a poll saying “Will you fight to defend America and the Constitution against socialism?” Criminy, talk about free speech violators. Also, what a difference from how real town halls are going right now. Irony was seriously wounded here.
      I’m not going any farther down that rabbit hole. And now I need a shower.

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      • tengrain says:

        MDavis – I used to go there frequently to find out what Wingnuttia is up to, but they are just too far gone. The Conspiracy Theorists are much easier to take in individual doses. I’m sorry you subjected yourself to that.

        Take the afternoon off. Stare at puppies and kitties at Cute Overload.



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      • MDavis says:

        Oh, no worries, I’m okay.
        I was pretty sure I was the last one to know what they were like, as it usually seems. And I didn’t read the whole article, just… when I went to put in a comment (against all common and good sense) there wasn’t that option, just a push poll cum purity test. And the reward? More of the same horse pucky, via a subscription.
        Well, I’m kind of okay. This stuff is actually kind of scary. Like, I took off for work, where we all have to do an active shooter update in case we get one, (an active shooter, that is) and that was better.


      • purplehead (ohwhatthehell) says:

        MDavis, go here. I check it out a couple times a day, at least. That’s where I find many of the palate cleansers I send on to TG. The fellow who runs it is almost as funny as our Tengrain.

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      • MDavis says:

        Uuhhh… Thanks for the video. That guy was very passionate and all, and his points seem valid and he was talking about some necessary shit, but is he the funny guy? Are there more videos connected to this somehow? Did I get the right link?


  3. Redhand says:

    Tengrain, Moscow Mitch is beyond redemption. I think his re-election campaign will be full metal jacket Trump. It’s all he has left.

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  4. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. As we should understand by now the Republicans see no problem with doing anything to win no matter how underhanded or even illegal. I remember a Republican once telling me that anything was OK as long as they won the elections. Power is their true god and the only commandment they honor is “Win at any cost”. For them there is no norms, no rules, the only right thing is them with all the power. Hugs

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  5. roket says:

    Fancy Farm, KY population 458. The hotbed of KY politics.

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    All seven of the Hitler Yutes, er cheerleaders for bigotry, racism and intolerance have been identified by name on several social media sites, despite the fact that more than half are minors, and there is some dispute if it was legal to do so. All seven have also taken down their FB Pages, although some may have just restricted access to “close friends only.” Also, that pic has been removed from McTurdhole’s re-election website.

    And I’m willing to bet a lot of my Quatloos that they’re current or future members of the “I Tappa Keggah” fraternity.

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  7. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Just to translate from Turtlespeak when he says “only serious, bipartisan, bicameral efforts” he means “my way or the highway”.

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  8. R White says:

    Not that he will consider it, but smiling is not a good look for the chinless one.


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