Trump Reprises: ‘What the Hell Do You Have To Lose?’

The New Yorker, racist Trump blows

Our Imperial Wizard continues to attack Rep. Cummings and the so-called Squad in no uncertain racist terms on Twitter and in person at his all white, burn-the-Reichstag rallies.

And just now political reporters are starting to wonder(!) what the impact will be on the 2020 Goat Rodeo. The Villagers are nothing if not right on top of things. I guess you just don’t talk about racism on the cocktail weenie circuit. Bad form, dontcha know?

There’s a sort of Chris Matthews amorality to the stories linked below. Tweety, as you know, only examines tactics from the perspective of, “will/did it work,” not “is this disgusting?”

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us…

“President Donald Trump is looking to woo black voters — if he can make them forget about his tweets. The Trump 2020 campaign has been quietly reaching out to prominent African Americans about joining its latest coalition, intended to boost Republican support in the black community. The effort comes just as the president capped off a month filled with racially divisive language and Twitter taunts aimed at House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings and four freshman congresswomen of color.

“Critics may find the timing of the outreach outrageous. But the campaign hopes that if it can shave off just a few points off Democrats’ overwhelming support among blacks, it can boost voter turnout in eight or so key states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — each of which Trump won by less than one percentage point.

“The campaign’s pitch to African Americans is simple: Ignore the president’s words and instead focus on his policies, like the state of the economy and the low unemployment rate, the passage of criminal justice reform or the creation of Opportunity Zones, which are meant to bolster investment in underserved or poorer cities.”

Good luck with that. How does one ignore the constant barrage of racist invective directed at you? One could argue that Cummings et al are individuals, but when Hair Füror attacks entire black majority cities as diseased, rat-infested hell holes where no human would want to live, it kinda seems both specifically racist and generalized racist.

The NYTimes reports:

“The objectives are twofold: First, to try to win over a handful of black voters. The campaign intends to highlight low rates of African-American unemployment and the criminal justice overhaul the president signed, a measure that is already a subject of his campaign’s Facebook advertising.

“But the more clandestine hope, and one privately acknowledged by Trump allies, is that the president can make black voters think twice about turning out for Democrats or expending energy on trying to change a system some African-Americans believe is unalterably stacked against them.”

So, it’s a variation from his 2016 Goat Rodeo outreach to African Americans: “What the hell have you got to lose?”

Why look! From the horse’s ass:

You don’t need the Enigma Machine to figure it out: Trump is a pillowcase shy of being a klansman.

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3 Responses to Trump Reprises: ‘What the Hell Do You Have To Lose?’

  1. roket says:

    I now anxiously await the study that compares Democratic-run cities to Republican-run cities. I recommend they begin by comparing how they treat their homeless.


  2. w3ski4me says:

    What do you mean “a pillowcase shy of being a Klansman”? His Daddy was an active member and it would surprise me if Donny wasn’t a lifetime member. Also, what did Daddy do with his costume when he passed away too? Probably handed it down to Donnie Boy who probably got ketchup stains on it and never wears it anymore.
    They are Active klan, far as I can see.


  3. R White says:

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that any proposed legislation from fat nixon that supposedly creates “Opportunity zones” within AA neighborhoods is like that of his maladministration’s infrastructure projects that are rife with pay-to-play corruption while failing to deliver on the project’s stated goals.

    Expect sleepy-eyed Ben Carson in the coming weeks to shill for such proposals that will help fat nixon further pay off his russian debts.

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