Prznint Art-of-the-Deal Bullies Fed Into Submission

“Hey Kid, what does ‘interest rate’ mean?”

Let’s review Prznint McDeal’s comments on the Fed:

  • “So far I’m not even a little bit happy with my selection of Jay…. the Fed is way off base with what they’re doing.”
  • “Here’s a guy—nobody ever heard of him before. And now, I made him, and he wants to show how tough he is, okay. Let him show how tough he is. He’s a—he’s a—he’s not doing a good job.”
  • “The Fed has gone crazy.”
  • “The Fed is going loco.”
  • “The only problem our economy has is the Fed.”
  • “Our Federal Reserve doesn’t have a clue.”
  • “Our most difficult problem is not our competitors; it is the Federal Reserve!”
  • “I’m doing deals, and I’m not being accommodated by the Fed. They’re making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.”
  • “The Fed is like a powerful golfer who can’t score because he has no touch—he can’t putt!”

So after a year of bullying, the Federal Reserve Bank cut interest rates by a quarter of a percent yesterday. Usually the Fed only cuts rates when the economy is in real trouble, in an effort to try to stimulate it out of a recession or like during the Miracle Chimpy McStagger’s Economy when the Republicans and their enablers destroyed the world’s economy. In fact, The Great Recession was the last time the Fed cut interest rates.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that the Fed “never take[s] into account political considerations. There’s no place in our discussions for that. We also don’t conduct monetary policy in order to prove our independence.”

And I am czar of all the russias.

Anyway, Comade Stupid doesn’t think that the cut was big enough and is already demanding more.

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6 Responses to Prznint Art-of-the-Deal Bullies Fed Into Submission

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    He won’t even be satisfied if the rates dropped to zero, which they almost did following the meltdown. No, the only appeasement will be to have NEGATIVE interest rates. That’s right: Hair Furor wants the banks to pay HIM – and his rich buddies – whenever they go to borrow money. Money which he doesn’t need by the way, if you remember back not so long ago when he was bragging about not needing loans from Douche Bank, but he accepted them anyway, as just a part of doing business. “I’ve got plenty of money of my own; I don’t need banks.”

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  3. R White says:

    We all need to stop calling the last time wall st. and their inbred oligarchic masters fleeced the treasury the Great Recession. From what I’ve seen and heard over the last decade and the lack of actual economic growth and stability on main st., it should really be called the Great Depression 2.

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  4. donnah says:

    Trump is a bully. Republicans in Congress are terrified of him. Foreign leaders are afraid of what he might do or say or tweet. His followers crow about his fearless leadership and are happy to see him get his way.

    I refuse to believe that Powell didn’t cave. Everyone caves. We have to rewrite that script and show Trump for what he really is: a criminal coward.

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  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Yay!!! Interest rates for rich people who have so much money they don’t need banks has gone down. Funny how it doesn’t really translate to the poor people who really need money. So sorry sir, we ran a credit check and it shows that you really need this money. You will pay 20% APR. What’s that you say, you’re using t for a college education? Well then, 30%!


  6. Pyed says:

    Trump does have a gut, and the only thing his gut should be telling him is to go on a low-carb diet.

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