The Method To His Madness

The New Yorker, racist Trump blows

Comrade Stupid’s racist rants are not just diversionary tactics, they are an integral part of his ongoing divide-and-conquer 2020 Goat Rodeo strategy.  The WaPo confirms that this is part of his strategy; they interviewed his campaign manager who confirmed that Stupid’s racist tweets were planned.

America’s Imperial Wizard, Prznint Stupid clearly believes that his path to electoral victory is to maximize racial resentment to benefit from (some) Americans worst instincts. Stupid doesn’t see himself as president of all of us, only of the bits he likes, so he attacks the bits he doesn’t like. In effect, our Stable Genius wants to tear the country apart, confident that he and racists like him will be left with the biggest piece.

To the extent that Stupid is using racism as a distraction—and it IS offensive to say racism is a distraction, I get it— it is to distract from his failed promises to drain the swamp and build his wall. As Janet Jackson once sang, What has he done for you lately Possum Hollar? Trade Wars that have largely gutted the midwest. But you know, Here’s a check for your soybean crop you cannot sell.

Stupid is not dog whistling, he’s megaphoning at Possum Hollar that everyone else sees them as white trash, that the Libtards are laughing at them. From the plastic straws onward, he’s campaigning on owning the Libtards; he wants Possum to join him in a second Electoral College victory; he is not planning on a popular vote campaign.

This is the exact divide and conquer strategy that worked in 2016. All he’s missing is the word ‘deplorable’.

UPDATE 1: Axios agrees.

President Trump’s disparaging tweets about Baltimore extends his streak of vilifying big American cities, and adds a racial spin that scores points with parts of his base, writes Kim Hart, author of our new weekly newsletter, Axios Cities.

What’s happening: Cities, particularly coastal ones, are Democratic strongholds that have been protesting Trump policies like immigration and health care since day one of his administration.

  • Attacking cities and their mostly Democratic leadership helps to drive a wedge between urban and rural America, a strategy that served Trump well in 2016.
  • Earlier this month, Trump called out Los Angeles and San Francisco for homelessness and filth.
  • Trump advisers tell the WashPost that the message — following his “go back” tweets aimed at four non-white congresswomen —resonates with his base, including white working-class voters he needs in 2020.
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7 Responses to The Method To His Madness

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    I fully expect him to get even worse – when you’re in an uncontrollable downward spiral, there’s no other direction to go but down. I used to be amazed at his antics; I would think, “Well, he’s finally hit rock-bottom,” and then the next day rock-bottom would have a sub-basement, and on and on, ad infinitum.

    Where are the Dims? Where’s the media? Has this become so normal that what used to be considered normal behavior is now aberrant? When do we start fighting back, or at the very least, STOP PAYING ATTENTION?!?!?! Because that’s what he thrives on, what he practically lives for. If the media would only band together and agree to totally ignore him for just one day, it might possibly set him back a notch, but they would never, since his antics almost guarantee notice, and notoriety sells, big-time.


    • R White says:

      The 2020 goat rodeo will be a non-stop sh*tshow of vulgarity and stupidity that the worthless beltway media should put an end to by not giving iQ4.5 so much publicity, but like all addicts, they will not stop getting their fix of his chaotic ratings. None of the dims in congress nor the delusional ones running for prez have the tenacity to challenge the vulgar lout but continue to believe that they can work with the petty fool on some level.

      To put in bluntly, there are no real leaders in this country anymore. We will all have to save ourselves and I’m not sure some of us are up to the task.

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  2. He’s also counting on the GOP in the states to weaponize their voter supression to Jim Crow era levels.

    I fully expect that poll tests and taxes will be implemented, to continue gutting the VRA, the 14th and (what they ultimately want ) the 19th and 13th amendments: back to the days of slavery and only white males can vote.

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    • R White says:

      It’s already been reported by some that the cheating gov. of GA, Kemp, is on record for asking supporters and staffers about how we (georgians) can limit the black vote.

      I can guarantee that UN poll watchers, if observed, would no doubt find many voting irregularities in most of the southern states during the 2020 elections.


    • Karla says:

      Florida has already passed a poll tax for felons to get back their right tho vote after serving their time and parole. We passed amendment 4 by a good margin but the Rs just had to ratfuck it.

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  3. Astamari says:

    I agree with much of the above but Trump’s “imputed” 2020 re-election strategy (because he cannot really think strategically at all but rather only animalistically) may well backfire. It calls for him constantly, almost every day to be in attack mode against every imagined racial “enemy”. Long before 2020, the nation will be exhausted by this non-stop stream of filth and invective’ I think this strategy is very likely to backfire.


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