Mission Impossible

Weaponized Pelosi
(Stolen without shame from the much-missed Zaius Nation)

There are 435 Representatives in the House, and less than 100 are publicly on record for impeaching the MF’er. When people talk about how Pelosi is a master at legislation, what they mean is that she can count to 435. Those are the only votes that matter to her, not public opinion.

So our mission—if we decide to accept it— is to increase the number of votes in Congress to #ITMFA From less than 100 to more than 218 (435/2). We have 45 days to do it.

This is going to require showing up, in person, and getting in your Rep’s face. We have to let them know what we think, that if they go out on the limb, we are there for them. We also have to let them know that if they do NOTHING that we will vote them out. And then we must do it. Find out the name of their primary opponent and use it.

If your Rep is having a Town Hall meeting, go to it, be loud. If your Rep is not having one, show up to the district office. Be loud. Remember the Tea Party? Be them. Your Rep’s schedule should be public, show up wherever s/he is and be loud. This is not the time to be polite.

When everyone returns from the summer recess, Nancy Pelosi is going to count votes. If there are not enough, she’s going to continue to keep impeachment off the calendar (not off the table).

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8 Responses to Mission Impossible

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. I think winning one of the court battles to get information and testimony will bust everything open. It will cascade as more hearings bring out more crimes and stuff happening in the WH people did not know. Well I hope so. Hugs

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  2. Wally says:

    My Congresscritter Don Beyer is in favor of impeachment. Job done.

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  3. my Rep is one of the 100….

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    My Rep., here in lovely and may I add mostly Liberal Ca. just happen to be a rethug. He’s been there for years and likely to remain there for some time.
    If it wasn’t so pretty here, I would move.

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    • tengrain says:

      Which district are you in, and what’s his name. Let’s see what the Cook Political Report has to say about your district: https://cookpolitical.com/ratings/house-race-ratings

      Republicans in California are an endangered species, if he gets bird dogged enough, he might find political expediency is better than GOP orthodoxy.

      Just saying we should see what the research says about your district.


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  5. Astamari says:

    Mine is Jamie Raskin (MD) who is on board and would likely be one of those actually drafting Articles of Impeachment. I have a good relationship with him, which is great.

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