About Yesterday…

It took six hours of testimony, and two  committees for Mr. Mueller to make something clear: Congress Critters are lousy prosecutors. They clearly left lawyering behind for a reason.

Anyway, we also learned that:

  1. The Russian Usurper and his comrades committed crimes when they  encouraged Russia to help him win the presidency.
  2. They lied about what happened.
  3. They obstructed the investigation of those crimes.

The hive mind of the Villagers declared it was a disaster for Dems because —in their opinion — there was no new bombshell moment, but the bombshell was the Report itself. They seem to have forgotten that! They also seem to have forgotten that it’s up to Congress to decide what the consequences are, not themselves. Axios morning email thingie:

What they’re saying:

  • David Axelrod tweets:This is delicate to say, but Mueller, whom I deeply respect, has not publicly testified before Congress in at least six years. And he does not appear as sharp as he was then.
  • Fox News’ Chris Wallace: The hearing was “a disaster” for Democrats as well as Mueller, calling him “very uncertain with his brief.”
  • NBC’s Chuck Todd: “On optics, this was a disaster.”

Mueller  affirmed the findings from his report, and discussed their implications when he: 

  • said that his investigation did “not exonerate Trump.”
  • noted Stupid  could still be prosecuted for obstruction of justice after he leaves office.
  • made clear that he chose not to accuse Stupid of criminal misconduct because that would preempt the impeachment process.
  • said Stupid’s  Wikileaks shenanigans alone was enough to “call for investigation.”
  • said that Stupid’s  written answers to his questions were incomplete and “untruthful.”

And we know that there is nothing that will ever get our failed media to acknowledge any of these things, because no matter how bad a freak show the Republicans put on, it will ALWAYS be both sides.

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10 Responses to About Yesterday…

  1. The hive mind of the Villagers declared it was a disaster for Dems because —in their opinion — there was no new bombshell moment, but the bombshell was the Report itself. They seem to have forgotten that!

    Oh, no, they haven’t forgoptten that, not at all….it is their job (as handed down by Corporate) to ensure that the Dems are always in disarray and must move to the (ever accelerating rightward) middle.

    Thier cushy sinecures depend on keeping the oligarchs happy, and that means letting the GOP continue to demolish the last vestiges of democracy and rule of law in this country.

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    • Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

      What Bruce said.

      Remember, the owners of the media–“mainstream”, so-called “liberal” media as well as wingnutty media–are rich, as are many of their higher-ranking employees.

      The Treason Party (fka GOP) consistently gives great, big, huge, horse-choking, budget-busting tax cuts to the rich.

      Which party do you think the media owners and higher-ranking media employees would prefer to see hold power?

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  2. Steve-O says:

    Perhaps if we could convince the media the ratings (which, like Carrot Harkonnen, they are obsessed with) would skyrocket if CH was indicted and charged, they might do something.
    Otherwise, they seem to be fine with this, as MSNBC like’s to call it, this unprecedented era of news.


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    A sad day for the USA. Mueller is the absolute epitome of professionalism, and it turns out to have been the wrong tactic. I didn’t expect wailing and the gnashing of teeth, but a bit of “aliveness” would certainly have helped our cause. Part of me expected more, but a bigger part anticipated exactly what occurred.

    Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station prophesied this more than a year ago, which is one reason I was prepared to be let down. The man is just too ethical to stray from a path that was clearly laid out for him from the beginning – he was hampered almost to the point of being hamstrung, and then obstructed at nearly every turn. We were wishing and hoping for a “High Noon” ending, and instead we got the town’s sheriff outnumbered and outgunned, and now the villains control every aspect of our governance, with absolutely NO regard for the Rule of Law.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to “ram the ramparts,” because that’s what it’s going to take, to take back our country. Still think there’s going to be an election come November 2020?

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    • Diane says:

      I’ve wondered if there will be an election next year too. I did read McConnell and the rest of them blocked election security bills after Mueller’s testimony yesterday. Maybe we’ll get the appearance of voting without it actually meaning anything because the outcome has been predetermined. Kind of like religion.

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      • Astamari says:

        I think McConnell and the rest of the GOP might be okay with “letting” the election go forward if someone like Biden were the Democratic nominee. (Think what kind of erratic and dangerous mental mush Trump will be a year from now.)

        Also because the Turtle and the rest of the GOP know they could easily control someone like Biden, especially on economic policy.

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  4. Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

    At least the GOP elite are getting to keep their wealth, power, and privileges in return for their treason.

    The Orcs of the GOP base are willing to betray their country for nothing more than the “psychological wages of whiteness”, as DuBois would have put it. They would crawl naked over broken glass to piss on Old Glory, then lick Putin’s arse, if Putin will only grant them the right to say the N-word whenever they please.

    White supremacy is a helluva drug.

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  5. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. I agree there was “no fireworks” other than the Republicans throwing temper tantrums. However I do think there was good value in the hearings. I like information and fact, and we heard conformation of the facts of the report from Mueller himself. So now we clearly can push back hard on the lies told by tRump and crew and rub their noses in it. But to do that we need leaders who will use those sound bits and have some “life” in them while doing it. We also need some left leaning media other than a few places on the internet. We need some big money interests to give us the Larry King of the 1980’s talk radio. We need to flood the airwaves and TV with the Democratic talking points, rebutting the right wing misinformation, and simply getting the truth out there. Hugs


  6. Boris says:

    Should Pelosi allow the House to spend 5 weeks back in their districts instead of initiating impeachment proceedings, that is, in and of itself, an impeachable offense – The Squad should work to have Pelosi removed.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Boris –
      I quite agree, but reality rears its ugly visage, and that idea gets thrown out with the bathwater. We need LESS squabbling and infighting, not more. And if Nancy is true to her word, she’ll at the very least step down as Speaker, if not retire entirely, and that’s less than 18 months away.
      The only smart one of the bunch was Lyin’ Paul Ryan, who saw the writing on the Wall (SWIDT?) and got out while the gettin’ was good.


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