MAGA: ‘When Do We Burn Down The Reichstag?’

I clipped the video just to have the moment when Possum Hollar started chanting “Send Her Back,” which is probably as un-American a thing I’ve ever heard. Fascism isn’t creeping, that is galloping in full daylight. Here he is encouraging exile for a political enemy and his brown shirts are, well, all-in.

[Side note: I’ve read that the extra security is being ordered for the  four minority women Representatives that Hair Füror is singling-out, because Possum Hollar has already upped the already too-high death threats. This is serious. These weak-brained people have sent mail bombs, as you might recall.]

American citizenship is an irrevocable right, whether you were born here or granted citizenship. Americans have the right—and duty!—to be critical of the country and the policies of any administration. During the Obama years, the Republicans criticized constantly, and I suppose Possum Hollar could have immigrated elsewhere (the love it or leave it argument), but they did not.

The LATimes has a good recap. I don’t even try to watch these rally things live anymore. Say, can we send HIM back? Asking for about 200M friends.

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8 Responses to MAGA: ‘When Do We Burn Down The Reichstag?’

  1. Among the things that shouldn’t be overlooked–there isn’t anything spontaneous about the chant. Uncanny Valley Girl Lara Trump warmed up the crowd with an invitation to “leave” if they didn’t like it, and Trump’s hate spiel wasn’t impromptu, but loaded into the Teleprompter. He has many enablers and encouragers along this dangerous way.

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  2. ming says:

    It’s rhyming with 1932 more and more every day. Stand up and speak out on all things big and small because it doesn’t happen unless people let it. It is most definitely not time to make nice.

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  3. David H Lippman says:

    They gotta find a vision-impaired Dutch Communist pyromaniac to do the honors.

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  4. roket says:

    The smiles on their faces kinda freak me out.


  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Under a new “executive order” you can’t come in if you passed through another country. Like Fritz Drumpf, who fled military service in Germany, ran a whorehouse in the Yukon and then settled in New York City. Germany does not send us its best people.

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  6. H-Bob says:

    “Send Her Back” — he could merely divorce Melania, deporting her is being vindictive!


    • tengrain says:


      It’s worth remembering that Omar has been an American Citizen longer than Mel has.




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