#ITMFA: Getting There

Dump Trump (ITMFA!) and the Republicans

The House voted to table—to NOT act upon—a resolution to impeach President Trump, introduced by Rep. Al Green (D-TX).

Green’s resolution would have bypassed impeachment hearings,  and 95 Democrats voted to pursue impeachment anywayfar more than have publicly announced their support for launching an impeachment inquiry.   That’s a really big jump; and imagine if Green had forced a vote for an inquiry? We’re getting there, believe it or not!

The list of who voted to impeach.

Here’s the thing: I’m an impatient man, but even I realize something. You cannot rush into tricky legal territory without having a plan and strategy.  As an object-lesson, we’ve watched Trump bluster into court and ultimately lose (like the Citizenship Question) because he is incapable of thinking it through; he’s barely tactical and absolutely not strategic.

We cannot be like him with the issue of impeachment.

Politico has a really good piece up explaining the strategy of slow-walking. Essentially it comes down to this: they could go to court to enforce subpoenas one individual at a time (and risk a new Republican-appointed judge) or they could go to court with all the damn 4th Reich’s stonewalling and it would be much more likely that they would win as it shows a consistent pattern of violating Congress’ oversight.

I might not agree with the strategy, but now I at least understand the strategy. I still want impeachment hearing YESTERDAY, but I’m now not thinking that the Dems are being feckless. Also: I’m still thinking that they are watching the calendar closely. If they start something too soon, our American gnat-like attention won’t be there and the damn hearings might be over too soon to focus our attention on 2020.

Of course, it could also start too late. I’m still not expecting any movement until after Labor Day.

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  1. roket says:

    Another good sign. This is Rep. Al Green’s 3rd time filing articles of impeachment and the first time it has made it to the MSM, at least that I’m aware of. Let us hope this is the straw that breaks the camels back.


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