Racist Says He’s Not Racist, Official Record Says He’s Racist

Trump addresses CPAC.

Then how did those non-racist bones get in there because the rest of you sure is a racist. Perhaps Crown Prince Mohammed Bone Saw can extract them?

Anyway, it is now in the official record that Hair Füror is a racist; perhaps the Villagers can note that with ease in their stories. Haha, I jest. The NYTimes will never call him a racist. But I digress.

Nancy Pelosi introduced a resolution that condemned Prznint Stupid for his racist remarks. Pelosi broke some sort of House Rule when she prefaced the resolution with a few choice remarks of her own that the racist President is a racist.

The House parliamentarian Thomas J. Wickham Jr. ruled that her comments were out of order!, and declared that they were a violation of House Rules against making personal attacks from the podium. There was a motion to strike Pelosi’s comments from the official record, but it was voted down.

Decorum, dontcha know?!

Anyway, the House FINALLY got around to voting on the actual condemnation resolution, and it passed with a bipartisan 240-187 votes, with all 235 Democrats AND 4 Republicans, and former Republican-turned-Infidel Justin Amash voting in favor, and the rest of the Klan, er, GOP caucus voting against.

This is a very stark dividing line. Expect to see more of that vote in campaign ads, but I’m only guessing that the Dems will put their opponents on record as voting to support racism. I sure as hell would.

Now to the second half of his Tweet:

Hair Füror says he’s forcing the Democrats to embrace The Squad, but that’s really another dog whistle that he’s going to double-down on racism and xenophobia in the 2020 Goat Rodeo. He’s counting on Possum Hollar and Y’all Qaeda to bring the votes, and it’s already working.

UPDATE: Because WordPress does not accept iframe tags (though shows them to the author, go figure), Scissorhead Bluegal sends along this tweet with video from the same event, though not the bottle-blond panel on stage (click the link to see them!):

Damn, that’s Fox-News-Bottle-Blondes white. That’s like Yeties-in-a-snowstorm white. That’s a mayo-fight-with-Tilda-Swinton white! Oh, Hell, that’s Tilda-Swinton-Mayo-fighting-a-Yeti-in-a-snowstorm white (best paint chip name ever)!

Back to his Tweet: Be prepared for a shock, Gentle Readers! Prznint Liar is misrepresenting those polling numbers for The Squad! The numbers might be true (who knows?) nationally, but they don’t matter much. Those Representatives are not running national campaigns, they are local positions, and each has the overwhelming support of her own district.

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13 Responses to Racist Says He’s Not Racist, Official Record Says He’s Racist

  1. w3ski4me says:

    He really is letting his ugly side show here. I guess getting caught with his mushroom hanging out with children, in the up and coming Epstein Book, is rattling his pea brain around some. “Anything” to get the story back on “him” and not on his favorite pedophile.
    His followers love them some outright racism, so he isn’t losing anybody on his side, and the rest of us hate him already so what has he really done but start a new nooze cycle, again with his name on everyone’s lips. Eww, don’t think too far on that.
    Maybe Cheetolini isn’t low enough anymore, how about “Disgust O Lini”?
    Every time I think he can’t go any lower he manages to dig deeper in his cesspool, every time.

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    • MDavis says:

      B4’s “Vulgarmort” covers a lot of bases. It’s instantly recognizable, it reminds us that he is vulgar, that his followers love his racism, that those close to him tend to abandon him when the truth of their position sinks in (or when his strength wanes, depending) (Harry Potter reader, here) and he gains power from death.
      Covers a lot of bases.
      Carry Slytherin to mock him. Wear any other house to signal resistance.
      Too bad for the braver more upstanding Slytherins, but it’s their house that let him in and they ought to clean it up.


  2. ” The NYTimes will never call him a racist.”

    No the official FTFNYT style guide says:

    “When writing about an out and proud racist like the President or another old white male politician with power, who is a Republican, great care must be taken not to actually say or imply he’s racist.

    For example, instead of writing “The President today tweeted a horribly racist attack on Kamala Harris, calling her a jumped-up Affirmative Action mud person who hates white people and wants to kill them all and eat their livers” instead use “The President today issued a combative take on Kamala Harris, using racially-infused language with a frisson of racism sauce. Ms. Harris herself brought her race up during the debates with a cowardly fact-based attack on Mr Biden, and so may have invited the Presidents attack on herself.”

    Now excuse me while I go puke into a wastebasket…

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  3. YellowDog says:

    Everything old is new again. Baby boomers will remember the phrase “America, Love It or Leave It.” Then, it was directed mostly at hippies and liberals who did not support the Vietnam War. That was in the early 70’s, and coincided with the proliferation (fetishization) of flag decals on cars (and hard hats). Hey, it worked in ’72 for Nixon. Now, since all our current wars are unpopular, it has been repurposed and directed at people of color. If you want to see a movie that did not age well but which is suddenly relevant again, watch “Joe.”


    • w3ski4me says:

      I lived thru some of that “love it or leave it” crap back in the 60s’. Never thought we’d be back there again. Getting kinda dark out there.

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      • tengrain says:

        I had that argument last night; my contention is that “Love it or Leave it” was directed at the (white) hippies and (white) war protesters, and was not primarily racist, whereas Trump’s “Go Back…” thing is only racist.

        I would love to get feedback on that. I felt blindsided that the Yutes see both exclamations as being the same.




      • w3ski4me says:

        I’ve already been told by some “Christianistas”, that to even “be” a Democrat or Liberal is next to being a pedophile and such. And then they name a foreign country of some flavor and tell me to move there. It’s not just those “yutes” that see the remark as personal. Some of the other side actually like the idea.
        There was always that undercurrent of “go back”, think of the Irish.
        A sad day for a Country built by Immigrants.

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      • YellowDog says:

        The original “Love it or Leave it” was directed at protesters and “draft dodgers,” most of whom were white, and had a direct link to military service and support of the military. The same people who used that phrase were as racist as they are now, but there were other issues on which they focused that hatred–busing, quotas, the Black Panthers, urban riots, and so on. The racists wanted “those people” to stay in their own neighborhoods (“segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever). There was no new catchphrase for this phenomenon, just the old standby–N-word. I went to high school with a guy whose father was stockpiling ammunition because they were convinced black people were going to invade the suburbs, burnin’ & lootin’ (tonight). Since a majority of suburban households had a deer rifle or shotgun, that was unlikely, but you couldn’t argue with irrational hatred. But it was separate from “Love it or Leave it.”

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    • Yeah I also remember the “America: Change it or Lose it!” counter chant….


  4. robginchicago says:

    I’m curious as to what national poll numbers would be for Steve King, Louis Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, otherwise collectively known as “the Compost Pile.”

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