News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Meet MAGA broadcaster and “life coach” Brenden Dilley. Dilley is exactly what we are up against with jerks on the Right. This is a ruthless and aggressive viral version of the end justifies the means.

This I know: Any well-meaning Lefty who will tone police us and tell us to not sink to the level of the Dilleys of this world, walk away, etc., are letting the Dilleys win. Seriously, fuck the Puritopians. This is a civil war not a debate society; they don’t take prisoners and neither should we.

So take your purity elsewhere, the rest of us have work to do, and yeah, it’s dirty and we don’t like it, but we gotta fight back.

This is how the right wins: by getting us to give up our own strength.

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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    This is what I alluded to the other day. Truth is not what matters to these people, only manufacturing bespoke beliefs which advance their power grabbing purposes.
    The Guardian has done some work on tracking how much money the Trump campaign is sluicing into social media, and it’s a hell of a lot. This means a couple of things; the Dems are being outspent in the very communications infrastructure that will dominate the election’s information stream, and the profits the platforms are raking in from this expenditure means that the chances of them doing anything about cleaning up the mendacity are pretty much zero and to hell with the consequences.
    Another depressing observation. The Dems are never going to embrace the kind of unity and amoral ruthlessness that this kind of shite requires. If they could, they wouldn’t be Dems, so the chances of them actually finding a way to combat this stuff effectively are also pretty much zero.

    And then there’s the Russians and godknowswhoelse, who are throwing some serious man-hours at generating carefully targeted viral mendacity on an industrial scale, and with rapidly increasing sophistication too. The destruction of the political and legal architecture of democracy is Job One for more than just clowns like Miller and the useful tool Trump – it’s a serious ongoing project of several powerful authoritarian states the world over.

    I’d be interested to know what people of goodwill around here, people dedicated at least in rudimentary ways to planetary reality and the notion of justice, might propose as fruitful strategies to overcome this onslaught, ‘cos I fear we ain’t seen nothin’ yet in terms of how dirty, and scarily effective it’s going to be.
    We gotta come out throwing the ball right at their heads don’t we? Count me in, but what does that mean, specifically?
    This has all been way beyond phone calls a strongly-worded blog posts for a long fucking time now, has it not? Fuck generalities. What, precisely, should people of goodwill and determination be doing now if it’s not getting out in the streets by the million?

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  3. caterwaul says:

    Tell that to Pelosi and Schumer.

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  4. DC Loresch says:

    I have $5 (US) that say Willie-the-Pooh Barr was involved in “negotiating” [Blackmailing? Bribing?} Epstein’s plea agreement with Acosta. The whole thing has the stench of Barr scat. Maybe an “unsolicited” letter to his friends at Kirland and Ellis.. Of course, he will deny ANY involvement! He has lied under oath before congress. He has repeatedly obfuscated and prevaricated through numerous “press conferences”. [He may walk, and kinda sounds like Winnie, but he talks like Eeyore; he has the look of a man who knows he has sold his soul for a handful of magic beans.
    [I just find “Willie-the-Pooh Barr” to be … zazzy. Played with Bill O’Barr for the juxtaposition of the visual vs. auditory, but it’s not … ya know … zazzy!]


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  6. ming says:

    I’m not going to link to it, but this is an actual post from this guys blog. (Quotes are his)
    “Looks Good From My House” – Why your lack of integrity makes you a douche
    Eiron is working over time these days.


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