I just can’t.

Sweet, sweet relief

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  1. Redhand says:

    Like I said, he’s out of his mind.


  2. I don’t care what Melania called them, those ain’t the kidneys.

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    • R White says:

      If the first skank is going to spend the taxpayer’s money on ‘enhancements,’ the very least she could do is find a surgeon to widen her eyes more so she doesn’t continually look like an alien who doesn’t understand what others are saying.


      • tengrain says:

        Vulpina and Prznint stupid had a Groupon for their eye work. Ever notice how his are not even? Cheap work gets cheap results.




  3. Honestly, I’m starting to think that he has two modes in front of a microphone:

    1) Sullenly reading the text fed to him by his speechwriters (with the occasional glitch when the teleprompter fails and his ‘goldfish-on-crack’ memory argle-bargles words out “ramming the ramparts, taking the airports” (On a speech he claims he ‘knew very well’)

    2) a terminator-esque phrase drop-down generated by a janky AI trained on a English-Sanskrit-Dutch-Cantonese-Navajo-English Babelfish centipede translation of some obscure 1930’s pulp detective novel.

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  4. julesmomcat says:

    Idjit-in-Chief flunked Anatomy 101.

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  5. paul fredine says:

    when he claimed te kidney had ‘a very special spirit i’ll assume it was just a wee one.


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