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This article in Politico is fascinating to me:

Elizabeth Warren shuns conventional wisdom for a new kind of campaign

She’s largely rejecting D.C.’s consultant class, instead hiring people in-house to make her ads. But it’s far from a sure thing it will work.

So essentially, she’s not poll testing her positions, or wording. This is authentically her voice, speaking directly to us what she thinks. And the pundit class—many of whom rose from consultants (see Wilson, Rick for details) inside the beltway are terrified if it works.

We should note that Sen. Professor Warren’s fund-raising for the recent quarter is $19.1M Ameros, which puts her above Bernie Sanders (!) and just below Joe Biden (!); Mayor Pete is in the fundraising lead with nearly $25M Ameros(!) – so whatever she is doing, it’s paying off well.

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  1. ming says:

    And for this she has my respect.

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  2. roket says:

    But, but, the spice MUST flow.

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