Speculating Wildly

The Jeffrey Epstein story is making me feel all stabby and at the same time, sort of like Columbo, there’s a “just one more thing,” that I don’t get, but I’ll save that to the end.

There’s multiple layers here, and so right up front, I want to say loudly and without hesitation that rape is a non-partisan issue. MAGA twitter is of course screaming about Bill Clinton and trying to do some awful Both Sides thing. If this man (and/or his pals) are raping children, I don’t care who they are, they should get the full punishment of the law.

(One of the worst MAGA-Twitter examples I saw was throwing Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape in everyone’s face, quoting “‘and they let you do it,’ and that’s consent. ” — no, it is not consent and in this case HELL NO. These girls are children, they don’t have a consent to give. MAGA Twitter is the absolute worst.)

But, in looking at what happened with Epstein being treated with kid gloves in Florida, there is a political story here. How the US Attorney (who later became the Labor Secretary) gave Epstein such a sweetheart deal needs much more scrutiny. And given how Donald Trump is a common denominator between Epstein and Acosta, something isn’t smelling right.

One more thing…

And that brings me to the Columbo, “just one more thing” that is bugging me. The reports are talking about vast quantities of pictures (and it’s not clear to me other than the very young girls if anyone else is in these pictures). Why would a billionaire who presumably ran a sex trafficking ring keep pictures unless they are useful to him? It’s not a spank bank. I assume he could procure another victim anytime he wanted. So there’s something else going on here. Why would he keep vast quantities of incriminating evidence?

The speculation on Twitter  (again, Twitter is the worst) is going in the blackmail direction, but I fundamentally don’t buy it. Epstein did not blackmail anyone, he doesn’t need the money.

But what if the pictures are insurance policy of a sort?

What if he had a sort of “Dead Man’s Switch” set up that if he gets caught, the pictures would be found, so better not to try to catch him. It’s a dumb QED, but he got arrested and this cache of documentation instantly is found.

I know that one cannot shame the shameless, and as we all know, narcissist men like Trump don’t feel any shame; but they do feel self-preservation. If I am on the right track and there is evidence of these powerful men with underaged girls, that’s prosecutable. It’s not shame, it’s not blackmail,  it’s 45-to-life.

And that would get someone like Trump’s attention. See also: Putin.

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16 Responses to Speculating Wildly

  1. JDM says:

    It’s quite possible – I’d think likely – that Epstein kept pictures as blackmail material for security, but he may well have kept a lot of other pictures as souvenirs. And after all, even after his being caught it looked like he got away with it. He may still.

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  2. I’ll go with “protection” not blackmail. “Don’t turn on me, or else.”


  3. Also, “kid gloves” in this context seems to be a a particularly icky metaphor…

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  4. YellowDog says:

    I don’t think the pictures were intended for blackmail or for protection. He didn’t need the money and protection only works if you can control all the uncontrollables. They were trophies, to remind him of the power he wielded over these women and girls. Call it an addiction, perversion, mental illness, or whatever, he got caught once and still couldn’t stop. That is not the rational behavior of someone selling protection.

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  5. laura says:

    If you’re in the business of trafficing and marketing, wouldn’t it be helpful to send a “menu” of what’s on offer?
    Also, trophy.
    If there’s a hell, he’s def going there.
    If there’s a justice system that applies to wealthy and famous white men, he’s going to prison.
    If the Alex Acosta’s of the world weren’t so willing to grease weasel the system for the powerful at the request of the powerful, women wouldn’t have to be so pissed off to rage/stroke levels every damn day that ends in y.

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    And in Epstein’s case, it wasn’t just the procurement and raping of the underage girls, there was also Pimping & Pandering, and apparently a whole sex-slave trafficking arrangement. And in a comment on an earlier post, I got all stabby on Bill Clinton, not as a “both-sides-erism,” but to point out how far and wide this reprehensible affair reached, although in this case saying “both sides did it!” is not far off the mark.

    Like I said, speculate wildly all you want, but the truth will likely be more bizarre than your imagination could concoct. And I can’t imagine being so wealthy that you are almost assured of getting away with ANYTHING. Except that there won’t be any Prezinitial Pardon, these are being prosecuted as crimes against the State. Oh, how the Mighty have fallen…


    • laura says:

      Sadly, the mighty have not fallen. They’ve been on the receiving end of a metric shit-ton of ease, accommodation and the benefit of the doubt that is the sole province of rich white douche bros.
      That they may fall is but a Lucy and Football again.
      I remain stabby and unconvinced.


      • Dennis Cole says:

        I guess I need to find a “Snark indicator” emoji, or something similar, as I would have used it immediately following my “Mighty have fallen” comment. Or I’m losing my touch, and should just quit commenting…


    • Astamari says:

      I thought the SDNY was prosecuting this case (maybe I am mixing up cases; there are so many). If it is SDNY then it is a fed case and “pardonable”, though Trump would be committing electoral suicide if he did so. (So it might happen with Stupid.)


  7. 9thousandfeet says:

    I think that if this trove of pics was saved as potential incriminatory leverage on other power players in the event of legal trouble, it can only work in that capacity if Epstein has control over when or if it’s released. Is that not so?
    The minute the cops found it, it became useless as any kind of insurance policy, right?
    I’d guess Epstein is smart enough to have thought that through, so I’m with Yellow Dog on this and favor the fetish/trophy explanation. He just couldn’t help himself.



    • tengrain says:

      But that’s EXACTLY why it is a Dead Man’s Switch.

      He got double-crossed by someone. This is like a hit from someone who knew the setup.

      When Epstein gets to prison (should he get to prison) the rest of the hit will be carried out. Also/too: a sex ring of this size and complexity, he’s gotta have partners.

      There is still so much more to come on this story. I definitely agree with the souvenir/trophy aspect, though it seems pretty risky to leave documentation of your crimes lying about. I think that there’s something more to it; maybe even annotation about who the johns are for each girl, incase someone wants a return visit.

      I’m linking this interview with one of the girls here. I don’t want it in the post, but it still is important.


    • ming says:

      There may be a trophy aspect to it, but it might be as simple as he was using the photos to manipulate the girls/women he was trafficking. I’m not holding my breath for incriminating photos of the power players, but wouldn’t that be fortuitous.


  8. Jim H. says:

    The Feds gave it away in their filing against bail. They found CDs hand labeled “Young [Name] + [Name]”. This was indeed his protection cache, but it could be used as sword as well as a shield when needed—which is, of course, the true nature of KOMPROMAT. It was a full on kompromat operation; not sure who was running it though—Epstein or someone more powerful. But it’s clear the counterintelligence investigation roll-up continues apace sub rosa: Manafort, Stone, Nader, Butina, Rorhabacher, Epstein[?]


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