‘UberEats With Guns’

Gifters Gotta Grift

“We have an order for Mike Pompeo”

In the long conga-line of gravy-sucking grifters of the Fourth Reich, from Tom “fly me” Price to Scott “buy me” Pruitt to shipping Queen Elaine Chao, it’s the rare cabinet member that is not caught with his/her hand in the till in ways both petty and large. Today, we salute Mike Pompeo, because when it comes to petty grift, no one does it better!

CNN tells us…

“Washington (CNN)Democrats on a key House congressional committee are investigating allegations from a whistleblower within the State Department about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his family’s use of taxpayer-funded Diplomatic Security — prompting agents to lament they are at times viewed as “UberEats with guns”.


In April, for example, an agent was asked to pick up Chinese food—without Pompeo in the car. The whistleblower said this led agents to complain that they are now serving as “UberEats with guns,” which has created a buzz within the department, according to multiple Democratic congressional aides who cited the whistleblower.

Well, it’s not like Pruitt sending out a staffer to find a fine, used, Trump Hotel mattress…

On another occasion, the whistleblower told aides, a Diplomatic Security special agent was given the job of picking up the Pompeo family dog from a groomer.

Well, it’s not like Pruitt ordering staffers to find a job for Madame Pruitt…

And CNN has seen a document given to the committee aides by the whistleblower showing that in January, Diplomatic Security was asked by a person in Pompeo’s office to pick up his adult son from Union Station in Washington and bring him to the family home.

OK, so it is exactly like that!

We’ve noted elsewhere that Mrs. Living Typo, the Bond-style villainess, who chased the total eclipse of the sun to Fort Knox with her hubby Steve Mnuchin, has said that Pompeo in real life was a lot of fun when he would come over for dinner. She didn’t add that he brought egg rolls, but now I wonder.

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2 Responses to ‘UberEats With Guns’

  1. R White says:

    Yawn. Such stories are no different than that of fat nixon ordering secret service agents to fetch him diet cokes or big macs. Makes sense that his grifting lackeys gleefully engage in such boorish behavior. Especially since corporate dims will not act beyond handing some WH underling a sternly worded letter. FFS


  2. Diane says:

    I certainly hope if/when the dems take back power, they send invoices for unnecessary taxpayer funded BS to all of these grifters. All of them.


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