Tanks 4 Nothing, Cadet Bonespurs

For the record, Sherman tanks have not been made since the 1950s. There are no new Sherman tanks.


“At least two Army tanks have arrived in Washington ahead of a Fourth of July celebration that President Donald Trump says will include military hardware.

“An Associated Press photographer says the two M1A1 Abrams tanks are with four other military vehicles on a freight train in a railyard at the southeastern edge of Washington. The vehicles are being guarded by military police but are visible to passersby on nearby paths. A military official earlier told the AP that the tanks were transported north from Fort Stewart in Georgia.”

Tanks. Tanks rolling through the capitol. Let’s review how we got here…

Remember that time in 2017 that France’s President invited Prznint Stupid to visit Paris on Bastille Day, and Stupid watched a military parade? And he had a typical reaction:

“It was a tremendous day, and to a large extent because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July 4 in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

And Prznint Wee-Hands, probably added, “And mine will be BIGGER,” because he’s totally secure about his manhood. But I digress.

We said at the time:

“As everyone probably knows by now, Comrade Trump attended the Bastille Day festivities in the twice-invaded in the 20th century France, and was impressed by the display of military might, without understanding France’s history and why they have such a parade. And, you know, his BAE Vlad has these kinds of parades at the drop of a hat (or invasion of a neighboring country).”

Cadet Bonespurs is adding a military spectacle to his self-congratulatory Independence Day Celebration/2020 Goat Rodeo Campaign Rally: “The First Annual Prznint Stupid Salutes Hisself, And You Better Too! Rally”

“Trump—who has already ordered up a flyover by military aircraft including Air Force One—is also interested in featuring an F-35 stealth fighter and involvement from Marine Helicopter Squadron One, which flies the presidential helicopter, two government officials said. The Navy’s Blue Angels were supposed to have a break between a performance in Davenport, Iowa, on June 30 and one in Kansas City, Mo., on July 6 but will now be flying in the District on the Fourth. At least 300 service members were slated to participate, primarily from military bands and drill teams, but that number could rise as additional military aircraft and other flourishes are added to the event.

“The Defense Department has not released any estimate for how much the celebration could cost. But the use of numerous aircraft could drive it well into the millions of dollars when counting fuel and maintenance. The F-35 costs about $30,000 per hour to fly, according to Pentagon estimates. Each Blue Angel jet costs at least $10,000 per hour to operate, and the cost of flying an Air Force One jet is more than $140,000 per hour…. The cost of a military parade Trump had planned for last year was about $92 million, including $50 million in Defense Department costs, defense officials said at the time. The parade was scuttled after the potential costs became public.”

Commander Bunnypants is a 5-deferment fraud who doesn’t know the words to the national anthem, has no family in the military, and doesn’t think POW’s are heroes.

We will be accepting wagers of Quatloos on how long before Cadet Bonespurs starts claiming that no one celebrated the 4th of July until he became prznint, just like how no one said “Merry Christmas” until Putin and Baby Jeebus hisself installed him on the throne.

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  1. Redhand says:

    I know the Orange Asshole in ignorant as hell, but it takes a special kind of obliviousness to say that the Army will be displaying “new Sherman tanks.” The only phrase I can coin to describe this level of cluelessness is “stunning ignorance.” I mean, the fuckin guy is what, 72 years old? And in all that time in Murrica he still doesn’t know that the Sherman tank was the Nation’s (piss-poor) main battle tank in WWII?

    Does he know anything outside of corrupt NY real estate practices, the “art” of commercial fraud, racism and being a common criminal and demagogue? I guess not.

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    • tengrain says:

      Redhand –

      He knows that he is the greatest prznint since sliced bread, bigly. And he means that literally.



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  2. skinnydennis says:

    The F-35 flyover isn’t a problem, as everyone knows, it’s invisible!

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  3. 9thousandfeet says:

    Well, if you really intend to transform a democratic republic into a plutocratic authoritarian state, you have to get the citizenry used to the sight of military vehicles in the streets, amirite?
    We’ve long ago acquiesced to our domestic police forces looking like a cross between skinheads and assault troops, so things are moving along nicely, are they not?
    We’ve actually got mucous-besmeared brown children drinking out of toilets now, and Border Patrol agents have been constellating together on social media where they’ve exchanged hateful messages toward brown people for ages, and now that animus is extended toward the nation’s legislators.
    Poke fun as we might, this is an orchestrated build-up on many fronts all at once; packing the Judiciary, stripping the Legisature of its oversight powers, dismantling regulatory oversight, demonizing the media, and progressively numbing the sensibilities, thus increasing the tolerance, of the citizenry toward cruelty and corruption.

    Focusing on Trump and his innumerable inadequacies and profound deviancy is entirely diversionary, not least because he now has enough unshakeable support (40% of the electorate is plenty, and if you doubt that, read a fucking history book) to where none of his disgusting behavior will make any damn difference. This shit is a slow moving, but now accelerating, coup perpetrated by people who, by reason of ideology and/or religious zealotry, do not and never have believed in the very idea of a functioning democratic process.
    Trump’s “stupidity”,along with the spectacular ineptitude of his entire family of grifters and poseurs, is not what’s at the heart of this bullshit at all. That dysfunctional shitshow is all chaff, simple as that, even as Trump personally may not be smart enough to realize it.

    If the Dems—and they’re really the only game in town with even the theoretical political power to stop this runaway train absent millions of us in the streets—start to show any signs that they are all awake and on the same page sufficient to mount an implacably united front to combat this madness, will someone please let me know?
    So far all I’ve seen is the blue-dog dominated DCCC fighting to prevent progressive candidates from ousting various milquetoast centrists who still control much of the party apparatus, and the most appalling slow-walking of fully exercising the legal powers of Congressional oversight committees. The fascisti are now clearly committed to going for the brass ring come hell or high water, and the Dems (the electoral base as well as the party establishment) seem to be flailing, still looking for a safe way “not to lose” rather than finding the courage to throw the ball right at their fucking heads.

    Unless something starts to change, and damn fast, we’re really going to lose this republic, I’m certain of it.

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    • ohniner says:

      9thousandfeet – I miss your blog. Thanks for responding to MPS’s excellent commentary.


      • 9thousandfeet says:

        Thanks, that’s encouraging.
        After more than 10 years I miss it too, but the cost of hosting combined with the escalating cost of enough internet bandwidth became overwhelming. Here in the mountains we’re at $75 just for 20GB per month of data transfer. Something had to give.
        At least I can rant and rave here for free, so long as TG maintains his sense of humor.

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      • tengrain says:

        9K –

        Humor maintained. You are always welcomed here.


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    • Diane says:

      You are absolutely correct. Well said.


  4. R White says:

    Given that the vulgar, sullen prick has tallied over $110 million in golfing fees to date that he and his white trash family will ultimately profit from, does it really f*cking matter anymore that he will cost us taxpayers another $92 million for a military parade to his ego while violating various laws? The corporate dims don’t seem to think so and all have their heads up their collective a**es thinking that if we run a centrist fool like Biden, republicans will act like responsible adults again. FFS

    The sooner this unentertaining stupid sh*tshow ends the better. If it brings about the end of our divided republic, so much the better.


  5. roket says:

    I’m shocked to learn that cost overruns, budgets and deficits no longer matter to the republicans.


  6. H-Bob says:

    Time to start manufacturing Potemkin Parade Tanks !

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  7. Bruce388 says:

    When FatNixon first brought up the idea of a military parade, I thought he was talked out of it because those M1A1 tanks are so heavy they’d tear up the streets. Not a problem now? Returning the streets to dirt accelerates our slide to third world status.


    • They literally did that during the early days of the Great Recession. I remember reading an article about states and counties tearing up paved roads that needed resurfacing, and turning them back into gravel. One person in the story commented about how it was sad, but they had to do it if they didn’t want to hand down a huge national debt to their children.


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  9. FELINE MAMA says:

    He’s probably going to have banners & signs on the tanks that read: ” Remember Tiananmen Square and appreciate Me, ah, I mean, ‘Merika.”


  10. Buttermilk Sky says:

    With ticket distribution in the hands of the RNC you can bet it will be totally non-partisan, too. A real cross-section of MAGA-hatted, swastika-tattooed, beer-saturated Murikans chanting “Lock ‘er up,” just as the Founders visualized.


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  13. Dan Alden says:

    Tanks and armored personnel carriers frequently appear in national capitals to crush opposition to heads of state refusing to leave office peacefully. Just saying this will be a good test run for the Russian President’s 2020 investiture as President for Life.


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