Who Is ‘You’re Fired’ed’ Now?

This guy:

“New York (CNN)A Canadian cartoonist’s illustration of President Donald Trump playing golf over the bodies of two drowned migrants went viral Wednesday. Two days later, Michael de Adder said on Twitter that he had been let go by a publishing company in New Brunswick, Canada.”

The Canadians are way too nice for their own good. Comrade Stupid would re-tweet anything mocking Justin Trudeau.

“Brunswick News Inc. responded in a statement on Sunday that “it is entirely incorrect to suggest” that it canceled a freelance contract with de Adder over the Trump cartoon.

“This is a false narrative which has emerged carelessly and recklessly on social media,” the publishing company wrote. It said that de Adder never offered the Trump cartoon to the company and had already decided to “bring back” another cartoonist it said was popular with readers. “[N]egotiations had been ongoing for weeks,” it stated.”

Sure, Blanche.

Everything that Prznint Stupid touches (or touches him?) turns into merde.

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8 Responses to Who Is ‘You’re Fired’ed’ Now?

  1. Redhand says:

    Why didn’t they just say the stated reason is “fake news?” That would be multi-layered serendipity.


  2. R White says:

    As others elsewhere online have mentioned, the cartoon is not accurate. Fat Nixon would not have asked to play through and instead would’ve driven his cart over those dead bodies and blamed them for ruining his game thus asking for an allowance to cheat a stroke or two.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Who actually says stuff like, “It is entirely incorrect to suggest?” Is that a direct translation from the Canadian language?


  4. The thing is, that cartoon didn’t even RUN in any of the papers owned by the company (which, btw, owns ALL the newspapers in New Brunswick.)


    • R White says:

      The owners of Brunswick News are the naive, cheap and foolish business types who ‘do not normally talk about politics’ and were looking for an excuse to rid themselves of the artist, whose style challenges those in authority, but is someone who increases their publicity.


  5. donnah says:

    Speaking directly of the cartoon itself, it made me gasp. It’s as viscerally shocking and compelling as the original photo was. It’s brutal and it’s honest. My guess is that Trump will never see it, but if he does, he’ll whine that the artist drew his hands so small.


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