Tired Of All The Winning?

Comrade Stupid’s attempt to get a Noble Prize seems to have gone awry (emphasis mine):

“Samantha Vinograd, who served on the national security council under President Obama, said Trump had effectively moved his own goalposts backward, tacitly walking away from his initial demand for complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“By shaking hands with Kim Jong Un at the DMZ with no preconditions attached, he’s really signaling that his metric for success at this point is the status quo, which is no long-range missile tests and no nuclear tests,” but North Korea keeping its nuclear arsenal, she said.

“Kim has no reason to denuclearize, but every reason to push Trump for what he’s wanted all along, phased sanctions relief.”
“North Korea under Trump is a normalized, nuclear power.”

But of course, Cadet Bonespurs is spinning:

“There was great conflict here prior to our meeting in Singapore,” Trump said, referring to his first summit with Kim last year. “Tremendous conflict and death, all around them. And it’s now been extremely peaceful. It’s been a whole different world.”

“I say that for the press,” he went on. “They have no appreciation for what is being done, none. There was great conflict here prior to our meeting in Singapore. After our first summit, all of the danger went away.”

Trump called his impromptu meeting with Kim, in which he became the first U.S. president to set foot in North Korea, “historic” and “very legendary.”

So Prznint Stupid is both a vanquishing conqueror AND a victim? That’s his sweet spot, I guess.

Anyway, North Korea is now another nuclear state, and this is another example of Prznint Art-of-the-Deal’s failed campaign promises.

UPDATE 1: The Mustache of War responds –

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8 Responses to Tired Of All The Winning?

  1. Well, the Moustache of War might want to call the office? Odds are neither he or the NSC staff have heard anything because they didn’t bother discussing it with you.

    After Tillerson didn’t find out what really happened in Qatar until he wastold in a congressional hearing I wouldn’t count on being “National Security Adviser” to hold a lot of weight.

    And of course Kim is never gonna give up his nukes. He saw what happened to Iraq and Libya, and Pakistan. Who’s still standing? He may be many many things but he isn’t the stupid mark Trump apparently believes he is dealing with.

    Trump thinks he’s a killer negotiator. In reality he’s Harry Ellis from Die Hard

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I hate to remind everyone, but Donny Boy is not a diplomat, right? He isn’t looking at this like a normal person. I’d bet you good quarterloos that he has visions of “tRump Tower in North Korea” dancing in his plaque-addled brain. All he is looking at is personal profit and his name on the TV. He’d probably give them more nukes if he got to build a “Golden Tower” there.
    He never had a thought about bringing peace, war is far too profitable to mess with.

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  3. Bolton talks about Trump being “boxed in” by the discussion of what is likely achievable by Trump’s strategy (or entire lack thereof) but doesn’t see the big picture: Iran can see for themselves the difference in treatment the US gives to nuclear-armed NK vs how they have been treated. NK can see for themselves how having nukes has given them something to bargain with. They aren’t throwing away good cards, and dummy Trump has his whole hand stuck on his forehand, the sorry joker.

    “Trump Tower NK” isn’t such a remote idea–he promises the end of sanctions will bring an economic boom, and has mused about the beachfront condos and hotels. Out loud where the people can hear, even.

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  4. Oblio's Cap says:

    Impeachment should punish the responsible party.

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  5. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. tRump said one thing and then does another and claims he was right all along? Shocking, just shocking I say! 🙀😸😺🤦‍♂️Hugs

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  6. robginchicago says:

    Trump sent Bolton off to Mongolia, while he brought along his chief negotiators, Ivanka & Jared, to meet with Kim. Kim allowed Trump to leave and return to the U.S. because it was crystal clear to Kim that Trump was already in a vegetative state. Here’s the reply I tweeted to Bolton: “You were not even there. Ask Ivanka or Jared what Trump said, because he obviously thought this was none of your business.”

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  7. roket says:

    The fact that SOS Mike Pompeo or NSA John Bolton haven’t resigned yet speaks volumes about their character. They are obviously not in the loop and evidently, don’t care.


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