Comrade Trump’s One-Fingered Salute to the USA: Hooray for The Red, White, and Screwed!

Grifters Gotta Grift

4th of July: Going out with a bang!

Again, you really cannot make this up: Trump’s 4th of July ‘Salute to America’ event to include ticketed section for VIPs

“Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump’s July Fourth celebration on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, will include a ticketed area in front of the Lincoln Memorial where he’ll deliver remarks.

“I am the greatest prznint, ever. Bigly.” — but I’m only guessing, of course.

“The perimeter of the restricted area will be “immediately around the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and about midway down through the Reflecting Pool,” said Matthew Miller, special agent in charge of the US Secret Service Washington Field Office, in a news conference Friday with local and federal officials on the July Fourth celebrations in the nation’s capital.

“The White House confirmed to CNN on Saturday that there will be a ticketed area for VIPs, friends, family and members of the military. Those tickets come at no cost, but the White House did not say how it would specifically be allocated. The White House added that the entire event is free for the general public with no ticket requirement.”

Sure, the tickets will come at no cost… except for your immortal soul.

Also note that there is no plan for how these tickets will be distributed. I hope some enterprising journalist cross indexes whoever is there with the membership roster at Merde-a-Lardo. I see some real synergy between these grifts. (“Wanna ticket? Buy a membership!” – only guessing of course.)

And while he’s at it, maybe he can fill-in some of the empty cabinet posts from his donors, er, marks, er red-hat-wearing attendees. (“Concession stands available! See Ivanka!,” Trump didn’t say.)

But I digress, and as we are dealing with our Grifter-in-Chief, we know that somewhere along the line he’s making a tidy profit off of this. “Oh, ‘Grain,” you say, “you’re so conspiratorial, he’d never do that!”

Bet me:

Please, even our Stable Grifter wouldn’t sell out $300B Ameros in tariffs for the fire-sale price of $750K Ameros…

Trump suspends new tariffs, U.S. and China to restart trade talks.

Sweet Jeebus with a Groupon, he did!

As Gawd is my Waitress, they are not even trying to hide the pay-to-play anymore.



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12 Responses to Comrade Trump’s One-Fingered Salute to the USA: Hooray for The Red, White, and Screwed!

  1. Frank McCormick says:

    I’m suspecting that’s there is more than one purpose for “ticket distribution”. In addition to outright financial grifting and quid pro quo rewards they will be also l limiting access to assure a properly enthusiastic, camera friendly audience.

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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    There’s less and less need to try and hide it now because the novocaine drip has really kicked in. GOP pols simply leaving town to deny a quorum rather than allowing a piece of legislation to pass with “patriot” militia brownshirts openly and loudly supporting them. It worked too.
    Schmoozing and praising dictators right and left while demonizing not just the press, but even the very idea of a free press.
    Openly ripping up the emoluments clause of the constitution and casting it to the four winds.a
    Children in concentration camps with no beds, no showers, no toothbrushes and government lawyers arguing openly that such luxuries are not necessary.
    Openly and brazenly and repeatedly telling Congressional committees to go fuck themselves, that their constitutional role in oversight ain’t worth a bucket of spit.
    Reports of children dying in US custody and now photos of dead children face down in a river, while our president blames “the Democrats” and praises Prince BoneSaw for doing “a fantastic job”.

    Does anyone still think these clowns are not engaged in an incremental series of rehearsals for ultimately telling the electorate to go fuck themselves in the event of an uncongenial election outcome?
    Does anyone still think, in the face of the open and ongoing brutality and unaccountability on the part of domestic police forces coast to coast that they won’t have the means, indeed the enthusiasm, to crush any dissent?
    Do we really still want to continue blabbering about how “stupid” this motherfucker really is and how he’s destined for abject failure because of it, all the while snarkily documenting this increasing series of outrages?

    Can we seriously start talking about getting out in the streets yet, before it’s too late? Because if we don’t, these fascisti will prevail, and we will have been complicit, will we not?

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    • tengrain says:

      9K –

      Nice to see you.


      I’m going to agree with you on this, with one proviso: I still think he’s too stupid to pull it off on his own, but whoever is his puppet-master is getting what he paid for. And I think we all know that it is Putin.

      I’ll add one more thing: the Republican Party hates this country. They want to see it destroyed, and that’s why they are not lifting a finger to stop him.



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    • Dennis Cole says:

      “Sure, I want to protest, there’s nothing I’d rather do, to help our cause, but………..if I take the time off work, I might lose my job. And what if I get arrested? Then I’ll for sure lose my job, and what will the neighbors think, even if I don’t get fired, someone I know might see me, and then what? No, as much as I want to, I just can’t. You go, and tell everyone how much I want to be there.”


    • MDavis says:

      He’s still stupid. His worth to his handlers is how easy it is to manipulate him into being their front guy.
      Mitch and his wife, they are smart. They aren’t in the headlines. They are taking advantage of the shadow trump casts by virtue of his spotlight hogging.


  3. Diane says:

    He just met with NK, Russia and the Saudis. Who are the VIPs coming to this “parade?”


  4. donnah says:

    Once again, the egomaniac has declared himself above the will and wellbeing of the country. This shitshow of mock patriotism is a stunt to turn a holiday that celebrates the birth of our nation’s independence into a fucking campaign rally.

    Trump has no concept of history. He has a nodding acquaintance with Washington and Lincoln by name only. He knows nothing else about the hopes and dreams of Americans through the centuries, about struggle and sacrifice.

    Fuck him.

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  5. Karla says:

    Can we get all the good guys to request tickets and then not show up? That would be a beautiful sight if the VIP section was as empty as the bleachers during the inauguration procession.


  6. revzafod says:

    Has Illinois hooked up power cables to Lincoln’s grave yet? Anything spinning that fast could supply the whole state with power, with a Yooge surplus to sell to surrounding states.


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