Thoughts & Prayers, NRATV

You WILL improve your posture!

NRATV was so young. Sniff.

Dana Loesch now is unemployed, and frankly, who would hire her?

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10 Responses to Thoughts & Prayers, NRATV

  1. I think I read that she was hired recently as a special assistant to Wayne LaPierre…


  2. ming says:

    Carnival freak show?


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Loesch will find work, she’s still got that ‘evil Fran Drescher’ MILF-y vibe, and she’s willing to lie and slander people. As long as horny Trump geezers stick around and she holds on to her looks, she’ll find work.


  4. Nangleator says:

    She could have a reality TV show where she’s a prisoner in a Federal prison, for conspiring against the United States. There would be no cameras or producers, so very bare-bones production. And she would have the starring role for life.

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  5. MJG says:

    She has that SuperBeets commercial…


  6. donnah says:

    Dana and Sarah Huckleberry can finally start their own hate band.


  7. Bruce388 says:

    Dana might be FatNixon’s type so she has that going for her.

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  8. moeman says:

    She’ll go back to charging her normal $5.


  9. paul fredine says:

    ‘thoughts and prayers’
    not really.


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