Stable Genius Strategically Strikes Again! So Much Winning!!1!

(stolen from Twitter)

CNN tells us that Prznint Stupid announced new sanctions against Iranian leadership to retaliate for the drone that was shot down last week. Always timely, Comrade Stupid announced these sanctions three days after he ordered and then un-ordered (is too a word!) an attack against Iran.

Sanctions seems like a reasonable step that a strong leader would take, so we must know something’s up. Prznint Stupid could screw up an order of buttered toast.

Preznint Stupid, who—let us remind you—believes in not announcing attacks as a matter of strategery!—announced he was going after the personal wealth of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who presumably has already move his $200B Ameros of ill-gotten gain to another location(s).

But wait! There’s more stupidity! (There’s always more stupidity!)

Prznint Stupid says he wants to negotiate a deal with Iran to end their pursuit of nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

Isn’t that the exact Iran deal negotiated by The Kenyan Usurper?

Why, yes! Yes it is!

So here we are, 2 years after he pulled out of that deal, trying to negotiate the exact same deal, but this time with an adversary who is really pissed off.



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7 Responses to Stable Genius Strategically Strikes Again! So Much Winning!!1!

  1. An adversary who is really pissed off, but who has everyone else they signed the deal with on their side.

    While they’re theocratic assholes who sponsor terrorism like every other power in the region they’re also fucking practical.

    Open the treaty doc in Word, search and replace all references to Obama, replace with “President Trump, who is the bigliest negotiator ever, we bow down before the length of his beautiful fingers, and oh, by the way we’re going to send our negotiating team to the Trump Hotel to stay for the month it’ll take to negotiate, and I might be interested, in the pure interest of international relations of course, in maybe buying a condo or five…”, send it off and he’ll sign it in a heartbeat.

    Corrupt autocrats know from dealing with corrupt autocrats.

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    • roket says:

      By George, I think you’ve got it.

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    • R White says:

      Fat nixon’s MO of creating a problem, half-assed copying the solution from his predecessor and claiming it as his own while braying about being a ‘real leader’ has gotten so stale, predictable and embarrassing.

      It’s a shame that we don’t have actual journalists within the worthless beltway media to remind dear leader of his lack of guidance or accomplishments.


      • Sadly they’re all too askeered, cowering in their BOTHSIDES!!! safe spaces to actually commit journalism.

        Like fucking Jake Tapper dragging AOC for properly identifying concentration camps as concentration camps because it’s all so uncivil.

        At some point it may end up necessary to destroy the Village to save it…


  2. Astamari says:

    The Three Stooges of Foreign Policy: Stable Genius Prznint, Fatso Pompeio and the Mustache of Perpetual War evidently don’t realize that Khamenei’s accumulated wealth consists almost entirely of various kinds of real estate within Iran and his relatively paltry annual salary. None of this is accessible to the US or international finance industry. You would think Prznint Let’s Make a Deal would understand that much.

    As for his desire for a new nuclear deal, leaving aside his lack of touch with the real world, this is bound up with both Obama Derangement Syndrome and his delusional narcissism. His rebranded NAFTA is, in fact, little changed. Just a fairly marginal update, which even now, is potentially stalled because of the labor clauses. This is all of a piece with this shambling mess of an administration.

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  3. paul fredine says:

    i’m guessing he thinks that freezing someone’s assets means he can put them in his own pocket and no one will notice.

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