‘Not My Type’

And one lone spitballer, uh, spat:

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15 Responses to ‘Not My Type’

  1. The real scandal here, believe it or not, isn’t that we have a credibly accused rapist for a president, but that some 40% of his supporters are just FINE with that!.

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    • donnah says:

      Well, of course. We cannot make them hate him, because they love what he does. He’s a bully, rapist, liar, cheat, and braggart, AND THEY LOVE THAT. We have to learn that he cannot be shamed and his followers cannot be convinced to ever give up on him. He’s their motivating force behind outlawing abortions, behind cruel treatment and behind the evacuation of immigrants, and a supporter of Nazis and the NRA. He’s their dream leader.

      We won’t win over this permanent 42%. We have to instead motivate the undecided and those who don’t understand the seriousness of the need to elect a Democrat as President in 2020.

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      • R White says:

        Someone should start telling the dim leadership that because placing tired, centrist fools like Biden on a pedestal will never win over those lobotomized souls. If anything, it will depress the progressive base while creating more apathy amongst the undecided thus leading to another term for fat nixon.


  2. roket says:

    He’s obviously very selective. He only rapes the best types.

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  3. R White says:

    Every time fat nixon says something this despicable and vulgar without a thought of decency or remorse, he’s only solidifying that a majority of people will search out his grave in order to urinate and defecate on it.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    If I remember correctly, FatNixon used the “not pretty enough” defense with one of his other victims.


  5. laura says:

    “I’ll say it with great respect”
    Yeah, I call bullshit.

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  6. retiredeng says:

    I want to see a photo of her around the time of the incident. Was she “his type” then?

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  7. paul fredine says:

    goes right along when he said one of his accusers ‘wouldn’t be my first choice’ inferring he has a list of who’s suitable for his ‘attention’ and he’ll take whoever’s available at the time, even if they’re not at the top of his list of preferences.


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