Tread Cautiously.

I’ve been asked repeatedly what my thoughts are on Joe Biden’s talking about working with segregationists as an example of being able to work with anyone.

All I can/will say is that I am not going to tear-down any of our candidates. It is just playing into the Republicans hands to have our traditional Democratic circular firing squad; let the Republicans spend big bucks, don’t give it to them for free. The media is already running with this as an early 2020 version of “But her emails,” and I refuse to play Democrats in Disarray.

Here’s my advice: watch the polling that will undoubtedly be released soon, and see if Biden is losing Black America’s support. And here’s a big hint a black Twitter buddy gave me yesterday (emphasis mine):

“…the “Black vote” is a misnomer. It is actually the Obama vote… Everyone knows Biden is part of Obama’s inner circle… The dynamics are extremely complicated.”

The candidates that go after Biden with hammers and tongs are making a mistake. They must sell their own goods and services and convince us to support them, not to go after each other.

All that said, I’m still (as of right now) favoring Warren and Harris, but I will absolutely support our final nominee.

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  1. w3ski4me says:

    I have to agree. A Democrat campaigning with attacks on other Democrats is not what we need.
    Booker lost me for other reasons, but I am with you there.
    There are way too many “needs” to campaign on, that attacks are the worst choice.
    One down, how many more?

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  2. YellowDog says:

    I think that, for now, Biden represents Obama’s third term, and that is comfort food in this time of forced feedings of gruel. Joe is not his best advocate, however. I like most of the Democrats, but I too will support whomever emerges as the candidate. I assume that no one named Tulsi or Marianne will be that candidate.

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  4. I completely agree. Ignore Repubs, and choose the Democratic candidate you like. Then fully support the one that wins regardless.

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  5. What I like about our upcoming vote is that we’re picking from a wide cast of good people.
    The only way we lose is to beat any of our good folks down just to raise a favored one among them (glares at the Bernie-or-Bust Saradonites).
    That said, I’d love to see a Biden/Harris ticket.


  6. John Lewis came out early today to say, “Cut the crap.” He reminded folks that the civil rights movement had to work with Klansmen sometimes to get stuff done.

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  7. gtomkins says:

    I don’t think that Biden’s remarks were problematic mainly because of the implication that holding segregationist views didn’t put politicians beyond the pale. The fact that the Ds once held the segregationist franchise in American politics isn’t exactly news to anyone, least of all black voters. It’s a downside, but it’s already been priced into the market.

    The big problem with Biden’s remarks about once dealing with racists civilly in order to make deals with them is that he is selling out the central and overriding goal we should have as Ds right now. The Rs are busy building and consolidating a political machine at the federal level, something we’ve never had in this country before. Our task as a party is to prevent them from further consolidation of that machine’s grip on politics — its ability to control all three branches of govt and fix both elections and appointments — and then to reverse that grip, to break that machine.

    What Biden has done is to undercut fellow Ds who are committed to that task by making a play for voters who understandably shy away from the prospect of the fight that the Rs will put up to defend their machine and prevent its breakup. He presents the fairy tale of today’s Rs being unwilling to make deals with us and generally behave reasonably as being the result of their not being treated with civility. That’s toxic nonsense. They don’t make deals with our side because they’re building a machine so they won’t ever have to pay our side any attention, ever, because all elections and appointments will be under their control.

    If that idea that all we have to do is pretend that the Rs’ only problem preventing them from being bipartisan again and making deals with us, prevails, the Ds will do nothing, even if given the trifecta by an electorate momentarily repulsed by the particularly ugly Trump incarnation of basic R cruelty and folly, to reverse the grip that their machine has on our democracy. Their side will only learn from this reverse to do better next time, put in a more competent leader with a better work ethic, because our side will not have destroyed the tools they are building to prevent any disruption of their perpetual rule by losing any elections further in the future.

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